Badminton-Correction Doubles (4) for Vincent from France-3 (move to the net)

Badminton-Correction Doubles (4) for Vincent from France-3 (move to the net)

Correction Doubles (4) For Vincent from France-3 (Move to the net when your partner moves back) Next one you are side by side like that like this this is you this is your partner when opponent hit back to your partner so your partner goes then you have to move forward here before he hits it this is important you should be here before he hits it but at the moment when your partner goes back to hit go you are looking at him and then you forgot to go in so you are looking at him he hit smash bang opponent block and you can’t go he can’t go so watch this this is wrong way opponent hit back to your partner go and you look so no body is there ok change this to opponent hits back bang you go here ready like this so you are ready he is ready back but at the moment watching your partner what shot he is doing ready like this bang like that and then you are late one more ready you are ready shuttle is flying to your partner backward bang then you ready there ready

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  1. dear Coach
    i'm often have this situation when play MD (same scene in the video)
    i team up with 1 old man.
    he's often do drop shot and our opponents is very good at net skill. so he quickly change the shuttle direction to the other side of our court.
    when it's happen (same scene in the video), if i am the player on the net. Who should hit the shuttle?
    me or my teammate?
    thanks 😀

  2. hi coach, when we play doubles we are facing one problem. I am usually what is called a net player in doubles, and I do go forward when my partner is smashing. but in some cases when my partner is smashing from any back corner and any of the opponents drives the shuttle back to the opposite back corner, the problem happens. me being stuck to the centre (or a little towards the side of my partner) and in a very forward position, usually cannot hit the shuttle as it flies past me very fast. my partner, still recovering from hitting a smash, sometimes stay dis-balanced. Nobody then can reach for the shuttle, and we are losing points. Any suggestion?

  3. Coach, I thought our position was dependent on the choice of shot that was our partner if it makes a clearance, we remain side by side if he chooses to attack, we do front-rear. no? Overall I thought the position depends on the response of our partner.

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