Badminton-Correction Doubles (7) for Vincent from France-6 (Know the right positioning)

Badminton-Correction Doubles (7) for Vincent from France-6 (Know the right positioning)

Correction Doubles (7) For Vincent from France-6 (know the right position) There are two big areas I would like you to practice, train to get better the first one is the positioning with your partner when shuttle goes up side by side when your partner goes back you go front the positioning is not there with you and with your partner and number 2 area is steps often I see after the shot you run you run back instead of start move hit recover ready forehand backhand smash smash basic steps are not there yet so practice what I do with Perry with your partner without shuttlecock please do that for may be 3 to 4 weeks you will enjoy your doubles game much more and your level of play will get much better so practice this one watch this ok so ready no shuttle, stay ok I say long, I say short and then move together ok ok this is Vincent you that’s your partner so you are set ready short ready lift you go back partner go to net clear side by side you move back partner automatically come smash and then you go center you go here clear then he has to go there, you come here like that lift and then side by side you go back smash you center he stay there clear he goes side, side by side net you go center, he goes center lift you go back he goes side you lead, you say of course when you play you don’t say it but you say it for practice ok, now Perry will lead this is you, that’s your partner so service, start from service flick please long stop because he serve long we go side by side anywhere you go Perry lift lift, stay, go I go no, you say clear when you get there ok ready go clear and then I go back smash and then I stay smash I stay clear I go back lift I stay net I go back [laughs] thank you please practice this a lot it has to be automatic yeah this is not done in your game

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  1. Hi Lee
    I saw previous version for this but I can't thank enough for all ideas u r sharing with badminton community.
    Thank you

  2. your are awesome.  This is very important for any level of players, thank you

  3. Excellent explanation! This is perhaps one of the most important lesson in double!

  4. So precise. A must-watch video for all doubles players.

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