Badminton Correction Singles (1) For Jet from Germany-1 (Be able to cover full court)

Badminton Correction Singles (1) For Jet from Germany-1 (Be able to cover full court)

Correction Singles (1) For Jet from Germany-1 (Be able to cover full court) Hi Jet I saw your clip and there are number of things I found out the first one is let’s say its you you hit net here after you hit the net it was not tight net, lose net after net you stay close to where you hit this, so you are ready for same corner shuttle is there you are ready this corner this way, that one that one that one is not covered after net, you should cover more those corners you should make more room in this corner why? because you are watching it you can move anytime easily but if you are ready here, shuttle goes there you won’t be able to take that one that one too far, too quick also too far you are only covering this one which is the easiest corner you are ready to cover and the hardest corners, you leave them empty watch this ok Jet have a look imagine that’s you so ready, after net play say shuttle goes to this corner so he will stand closer to where you hit so net ok ready ok there ready, you are there ready that one difficult ready that one difficult ready that one difficult only this one is easy you should go little bit deeper after net net, go back deeper again net go back deeper ready, net go back deeper ready net back deeper ok ready net back deeper 1 2 so that way you are covering the whole court net and stay close to the net net stay close to the net again net, stay close to the net try to take it net, stay close to the net no don’t go back, stay close net stay close there net, stay closer but compare net move back deeper net, move back deeper yes where there, move back deeper ready, net, move back deeper so that way you are covering the whole court so look if I recap after the shot you are covering too much in the same corner and then leave too much room to other corners which are more difficult corners and then you are paying more attention to the easiest corner so your mind should be ready more for other corners for example you have enemy one is in front of you another two are side of you which one you have to be concerned more these two because this you can see you can act those two you can’t see so your focus should be more on the enemies you cannot see well so if you hit straight net there difficult corner is that one and that one so you have to cover this one this one because you are facing it if shuttle comes you are not ready but still you can go that one because its cross you have time to go but that one and that one is much more difficult so what I am saying is if you after net, if you cover that one and that one these two are also covered but if you do net, ready for this corner that’s not covered that’s not covered Visit If you would like Coach Lee to see your action clip and make correction video

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  1. can u show me how to do the correct technique of jumping smash ?

  2. I learned that if you make a quality net drop you should stay at the net cuz your opponent is more likely to return a net drop.
    Your demo shows you were waiting at the net and able to get to the birdie high which is different from when you can only reach at low point.

  3. this is definitely the correct way. But a lot of players now mimic players on youtube. for example like LCW, he stay really close to the net and he was ready to pound it when opponent clear he was really quick moving back. Is it because of his foot work, I mean it only took him 3 steps.

  4. Hello Lee! Do i have to after short serve in singles think of difficult answers or play only visually watching for shuttlecock.

  5. Sir , is it true that after every shot i should be at the center(in ready position) ….before my opponent returns the shot .

  6. sir I want to ask you is their any attacking strategy we can use like attacking on the opponent's backhand or something else?

  7. Sir, I am practising backhand since last year but there is no improvement .
    Please tell me sir what I do.

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