Badminton-Correction Smash (1) for Stas from Russia-1 (do not turn your face)

Badminton-Correction Smash (1) for Stas from Russia-1 (do not turn your face)

Correction Smash (1) for Stas from Russia-1 (do not turn your face) Please view Stas hitting action Thank you very much for allowing your clip to be shown your clip is one of the best clip for me to work on I am sorry to say that I am not saying in a sarcastic way because there are many things you can improve in your overhead hitting actions I am sure many other viewers will find so many beneficial points with your real clip so number 1 first one I saw you practice your overhead action without shuttlecock like this, this is what I saw so your stance is like that which means you are hitting over there and then your face goes there and then hit and then hit Please watch Stas face movement This practice has to be changed you must not turn your face there because shuttle is not coming from over there because you are facing here means shuttle is coming from there you are hitting back over there so it should be like this set here shuttle is there and then opponent hit then your face, eyes has to go there and hit and then set and ready and then hit and set not like that but its not only you when I see the club players practicing their actions out of 10, 5 to 6 players turn their face like this and like this

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  1. I like the fact that this is free training!

  2. It is so much easier to hear you now that you've started using a mic.  🙂

  3. Hi Coach Lee. Please could you share a little advice. I have been using bad technique for smashing (my elbow stats in a low position, tucked next to the side of my body when preparing for a smash). I personally believe this has caused my shoulder to now have pain. When I lift my arm, I can feel my shoulder is tight and if I lift it higher towards my neck height, I can feel some pain. What would you suggest that I do for this problem? Thank you so much!

  4. Hi Coach Lee. That was the best 5 minutes of tuition I have ever had over the last 20 years t club level. I will keep on practicing this technique

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