Badminton-Correction Smash (4) for Stas from Russia-4 (do not place your arm behind your head)

Badminton-Correction Smash (4) for Stas from Russia-4 (do not place your arm behind your head)

Correction Smash (4) for Stas from Russia-4 (do not place your arm behind your head) Next one Stas watch my racket arm, elbow you do that racket is behind, arm is behind your whole right arm is behind your head like this Please focus on his right arm position you hit it from here to there this makes only be able to use your power about less than half percent less than 50 percent watch this here now wait Perry come here, do that yeah this is what you do now here do that push me he can’t push me why? because its already opened its already back so when you start action you cannot generate power because its already opened it looks like a boxer try to hit the opponent like this like this yeah he cannot hit harder because he already opened hand is already back so one more like this this should be changed lower like that your racket should be side of your face so if you start this is crucially important if you start your hitting action from this point you will be hitting the shuttlecock there here there watch this here Perry push me he can push why? because he bends his elbow he can use his power forward bang but compare push me he cannot push very simple and if you start your action from here you will be hitting here you, I bet you will have pain here why? because you are using like that more pressure will be there and you stretch this area too much but if you set here and then you go then there is no stretch and then you hit much more in front it should be there face there should be there not there I will do it with shuttlecock go throw it to me please I will do your way here there yeah like that so shuttlecock high deeper then you hit like this so you start here you will hit here ready watch again there and then there there like this now compare this comes there watch here here you don’t need effort because its already tighter what you need to do is open because its tight your power is loaded there and you can open it like this you can open it and there is no pressure there compare set here and bang set there and bang if you look this way it should be there look this is another important element if you set side of your face your racket movement will be straight it will be straight but if you put your racket hand behind your head like this you have to come round it you can’t come like this because of your head so you have to come round it so your power goes that way watch this throw shuttle there so if you set here there is nothing preventing your straight swing because its empty there ok hit watch stay there ready, here you go bang higher there there there but if you put your whole racket arm behind your head you have to come round it that changes your direction and reduce your power you may think big posture may generate power it is opposite small compact posture because it is small and compact you can generate power from here but once you are already stretched big you cannot generate power any more have you seen the jumper jumps like this they do that why? because that way they can push off same have you seen the baseball pitcher throw ball like this no they don’t they go here and then they throw there badminton is same so please you must change number 1 you will get injury there number 2 your shot will be not accurate and not powerful this must be changed to that

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  1. Great input…..thx coach.

  2. Hi coach,
    does this also apply for the clear or only for the smash?

  3. Great advice. Works wonders 4 me!!!!

  4. Thank you very much.. for all your videos..

  5. Ouhh thank you coach , but can you make video for increase my stamina when playing badminton and what should I do to increase my stamina because Im always feel tired too early compared to my friends .

  6. Hi Lee, such lovely videos as usual. Wishing you a very happy year ahead. Take care sir. 

  7. Excellent video.  I think this is what I have been doing wrong.

  8. Thanks Coach. Your technique is simple yet effective. And most importantly, less prone to injury.

  9. Dear Coach, I started watching ur videos last week. Words can't describe how thankful i am after watching this video. I have been having shoulder pain for months and i couldn't find the reason. This is what i have been doing wrong. Your clippings are really helpful, u have no idea how blessed you are.. 😀

  10. dear coach
    thank you so much for all your efforts. we benefit a lot from your videos. 🙂

  11. Coach Lee very very thanks for your smash correction videos.I did not do it the right way but now i think i do it correctly.
    I live in INDIA and someone at a higher post in badminton here advised me to shoot the smash by the strength of my shoulder because i was using my elbow for shooting a smash. Nowadays while playing badminton I feel pain in my elbow. Our doctor said that take rest but the pain is still there. Firstly I thought not to post this comment but then I thought that you are a coach and you may know how to treat it. So if you know the cure Please Please Please tell me.I will be very much thankful to you.(This is the first time I am posting a comment,so if you feel that if I wrote something wrong then please forgive me.)

  12. I thought the smash is the same as the clear so it looks alike? Shouldn't your racket be behind your head like the clear too?

  13. Dear coach Lee. Im from Indonesia, and badminton player (non pro) … Can you give me a tips to do jumping smash, because its incredible hard. Thanks coach

  14. Coach lee this makes my day

  15. what about the forearm pronation…??

  16. Thank you verry much!
    I watched a lot of other videos online but only watching your video I really understand my problem.

  17. I came here for Dr.Lee for shoulder pain

  18. i can not get the best postion for smash. anyone like me?

  19. Coach, Thank you so much. I used to always smash the wrong way and the correction which you mentioned is exactly what I have to change. Thanks alot. God bless you

  20. Superb…my dear GURU (Lee jae bok)

  21. Great coach. Thank you sir

  22. Sammo hung of badminton ?

  23. If they ever hand out a nobel prize for coaching badminton, you deserve it more than anybody else coach Lee. Thank you for your contributions! I learnt a lot from your videos.

  24. Lee – Thanks for the video tutorial and your explanation makes it so clear. Before watching video i was struglling to understand why i don't have enough power behind smashing the racket. I followed your tutorial and now able to get max power behind the smash and it doesn't hurt the shoulder. Thanks lee.

  25. I don't agree this lee almost every players are smashing with open ??

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