Badminton-Correction Smash (8) for Stas from Russia (keep your head straight)

Badminton-Correction Smash (8) for Stas from Russia (keep your head straight)

Correction Smash (8) For Stas from Russia-8 (keep your head straight) The last point when you hit your head, body should be there it has to be straight but when I saw you your head is leaning left and side you finish shot like this your head is leaning that way Please focus on his head movement so it should be there ok watch this please here stand there ok so I am hitting without movement here ok watch me watch my body posture after the shot, go there there here there what you do so your head is leaning that way watch this this is what I see it should be there Stas as I said at the beginning I am not sarcastic to you thank you so much for allowing me to show your clip with my correction clip together so the viewers can really see some ones real action and then what I point out Thank you so much I hope this helps you to improve your smash, drop, clear this is the most important technique in badminton because if you have this action right your smash, clear, drop shot will be right but if you have this one this way your drop, smash, clear will be hit all same way just imagine what level will you play and you don’t know why you cannot generate power why your accuracy is not good why you can’t make deceptions Any questions after your training to change it let me know thank you Stas

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  1. Dear Lee,

    As usual, a great clip and thank you very much. I thank Stas too for sharing his clip. That certainly enhanced the overall quality of the tutorial as Stas is very serious in his practice but has fallacies in the technique. Also thank you very much for showing the techniques in different angles. That partly answered my earlier request to shoot with many cameras. Still, I am not knowing how far the shuttle is travelling (though the sound of impact is good).

  2. its a great training clips this .is really helped me to grow day today ….Many thanks

  3. Thank you for all your clips on smash technique, they were very helpful and easy to follow with your great explanations. 🙂

  4. Thank u coach? words can't express my feelings.
    I have same false techniques with shoulder pain. Will correct soon

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