Badminton: Court awareness training

Badminton: Court awareness training

Court awareness training some interesting training this training is to develop awareness of the court feel of the court I believe when the player is waiting for opponent shuttle cock he should feel where the side line is where the rear courts line is how far that is player must have that feel so the higher level, if players moving around the court he should feel court is moving with him rather than, court is big he is running every corner and that way his court will be huge so each corner should feel like part of his body my arms there, my legs there he should feel so when ever shuttle comes he will just react in order to do that player can practice this kind of things so stand center and close eyes and move 1 2 3 4 5 6 come back and then open eyes to see how he feels it if you are experienced you may comeback central area face this way but if you are not experienced like beginners or intermediate you may face like that after 6 movements or you may stand too close to see, ok let’s do that I will try first now question, when the player is beginning the people who are around this player must not make any sound because if some body makes sounds there he can guess there is person there fore net should be there so the people around him when he is doing it do not make any sounds, ok so he has no clue ok ready not bad ready go perfect excellent please have a go some of them will find it really interesting

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  1. This is so interesting. I will definitely try it next time.

  2. I am pleased to know. Let me know how you feel with this practice. Lee

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