Badminton Deception (Question 15)

Badminton Deception (Question 15)

Question 15 True or False? At the net, the shuttle can be hit using just the fingers without the need for arm or wrist movement. Question 15 the answer is true ok watch this backhand lift this is arm wrist together this is more wrist watch more advanced badminton no arm, no wrist the finger can be used watch this please it can be done in forehand too arm wrist wrist finger much sharper, much more deceptive

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  1. his finger strength must be insane…

  2. You can do that too if you train. Lee

  3. That's not finger. Physiologically thats still the wrist.

  4. Ok you may right as I still have use a bit of wrist on top of my fingers. Lee

  5. Hi Lee, thank you for taking the time to post all your badminton coaching tips.
    This is one of the clips that has helped me the most, Ive defiantly noticed a change in my game for the better.

  6. Thank you and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  7. You are very welcome. Lee

  8. Coach Lee, I've been looking this shot. Thanks a lot for showing us all the proper way to do it. When you said no arm and no wrist, did you mean no elbow because I was watching the first 2 and when you said no wrist, that was the only time I noticed your elbow didn't move. Also is 20lbs tension too low to do this shot? My clears go about a smash feed height at my current tension. Thanks

  9. Yes you are right. I think 20lbs is possibly too low. Good luck for your training. Let me know how you get on. Lee

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