Badminton Defending (Question 16)

Badminton Defending (Question 16)

Question 16 True or False? At the point of impact from your opponent, your eyes should be 100% focused on the shuttle. Question 16 the answer is false when my opponent is hitting, if I just see the shuttle cock 100% I will not have other information of what my opponent is trying to do depending on his body posture, racket posture, the feet movement how he is getting to the shuttle cock, he is limited be able to hit certain shots only but if I don’t see that I have to wait for all court for example just imagine you are having a fight on the street the person you are fighting has got knife and he is coming to you would you just focus your eyes on the knife ya just watch the knife, no you will watch his eyes his body movement in order for him to use his knife, his hand has to be used his other body parts has to be used his intention can be seen from his eyes you have to see those informations just before your opponent is hitting the shuttlecock so your eyes should be when you hit the shuttlecock, your eyes follow the shuttlecock to see how far the shuttle is going but before opponent is making the shot, your eyes goes all together watch my eyes, so hit and then like that watch shuttle and then watch shuttle, racket opponent all together same time that’s why the top players detect what possible shot he can make rather than waiting for every corners

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  1. Thank you for the Training video. It was really very helpful..

  2. You are very welcome and am very please to know. Lee

  3. sir, thanks a lot…example of street fight was hilarious and it cleared all my doubts…

  4. I am very please to know and thank you for your comment. Lee

  5. The last point you made in this video is very interesting Lee. How do you train to "detect" what shots your opponent can make from a certain posture? Just by playing or do you have specific exercises for that?

  6. It is more from your experience. Also if you really focus, you can detact it faster and more accuriately. Lee

  7. Thanks once again Lee, useful advice

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