Badminton: Different Types of Backhand Flick

Badminton: Different Types of Backhand Flick

Different types of back hand flick ok, How many types of flick are there on your back hand net have a look when the people learn badminton for any years or only have 1 year or 2 years experience they normally do this kind of lift like that and lift that’s a lift, normal lift now second one is with in short action, much more deceptive quick tap lift hold and tap hold like that and flick hold tap that way you give less time for your opponent to get ready watch again hold lift hold lift or number one simple normal lift, back and lift but this technique is too easy for opponent to see it so, if you are simply doing this one you should practice hold and hit flick this technique also can be used when you are late, low ok, you are late shuttle goes down you stretch and then flick from there stretch stretch rather than you are late go back and lift you might be able to hit it but the hitting action is too long and takes too much of time so, number 1 normal lift number 2 hold flick lift more effective you can do hold flick even when you are late more advanced players at a final deceptive lift in the real match, hold doing it together and then lift hold down and then lift so because he go down opponent may come forward and then flick lift but that kind of technique is for more experienced players

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  1. Hello Lee, I have doubt in advanced technique do we have to do follow through, because you did kind of follow through 2:37 for advanced shot.

  2. Depending on your intention and situation you have to do differently. There are many ways to hit. Follow through, tap or just using wrist. Soon I am going to make clear clips and these skills will be mentioned. Lee

  3. Coach lee I hv problem hitting a higher deeper clear by tap flick. Any help?

  4. Are you talking about the skill from the net or from rear court? Lee

  5. mostly from the rear court. I have seen your "smash defence" video, it helps alot but my wrist or finger power not strong enough for a deeper higher clear, in most cases. thks

  6. Yes you need power but same time it is not all about power. It is also skill.
    I am sure you can do that too. Just need train. Lee

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