Badminton: Different Types of Forehand Flick

Badminton: Different Types of Forehand Flick

Different types of forehand flick Now, forehand lift, forehand flick, How many different types of forehand flick are there? number 1 for beginners, they do that back swing that’s good when some body is learning, for pure beginners this is good to learn, the right movement, but when you get better, this is too big and takes too much time and you must try to hold and flick like this net flick net flick net flick net flick for that deceptive flick, you saw opponent net play and last minute flick, you must use your fingers but I will demonstrate technique of these different kinds of flicks now next one is same, when you are late ok hold lift now, more deceptive, hold and drop and then flick so, because you drop it, your opponent will come forward and then flick this one can be done in both ways hold lift hold drop cross hold drop cross hold drop flick so you can develop, you can add more deceptions if you make the basic technique right which is, what is basic? what ever you do hold hold its basic hold net hold flick hold drop flick hold drop cross so hold is the key basic but don’t worry I will go through one by one

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  1. hi Lee i'm from Malaysia… i love to see all your video and also's really work… but can you teach how to jumping smash.. i have problem with that.. hope you can make 1 video toturial for jump smash.. thks for your are great coach Lee..

  2. @face4ads Hi, thank you so much for letting me know that you are enjoying my clips.
    Do you play singles? or Doubles and mixed doubles. You can video your jump smash action and upload on youtube and let me have the link. I will watch it and asvice you what to improve. I will remember to do jump smash in the near future. Kind regards. Lee

  3. @coachingbadminton ok.. i will try to record my action..but i'm beginner in jump smash…

  4. I like this video. Thank you Coach Lee

  5. I am very pleased to know. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  6. Wow, the last type flick is very difficult to intercept. I always get deceive with that shot.
    Nice video coach Lee

  7. Thank you and you can do same shot if you practice. Lee

  8. Hi Lee,
    another great viedo, thank you.
    Have you already uploaded other videos with the basics like grip or hitting technique for these flicks skills?
    Thank you. Harry

  9. No yet but it will be done soon in a month or two. My next topic is about weak player's behavior, then smash defense then I will be doing flick both sides. Lee

  10. Hi coach Lee! What grip should i use in making a forehand flick? Thank you

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