Badminton-Doubles Attacking System

Badminton-Doubles Attacking System

Doubles Attacking Systems In doubles the double games can be divided by 4 different situations attacking situation continue attacking situation defensive situation and helping each other situation I will explain, demonstrate number 1 situation which is attacking situation have a look please in this situation, there is condition you are at the net imagine you are front court player and you think, you feel the partner at the rear court player is not under pressure in that case, you are just concentrating net kill and intercept in that situation you should move like this there are few learning points learning point number 1 have a look please ready go ok, that’s you stop learning point 1 this is you you attacked here, attacked here when shuttle goes to the rear court like Rob he moved backward and then I lift this corner, he stayed same side he expects his partner hit that same corner face to face then shuttle will come back this area more that’s why, Rob does not stay exactly center he moved same side, because he expects here more ok this is number 1 learning point again, have a look, please watch Rob at the net imagine this is you, you are attacking at the net like that and shuttle goes, like this and then you are ready again please ok imagine Rob at the net is you, ok I am talking about the front court player ok attacking like this and then shuttle goes there stay same side and kill it and then shuttle goes the other side and then land why? why better to move like this you are attacking here and shuttle moves backwards if you stop here and then my partner Robin that corner, deep corner too much gap between them and second point, if I move backward little bit like that then much wider area I can cover rather than stand here let’s say what happens if the front court player stays same spot ready so, Rob can you stand there like this ok shuttle goes and stand there its difficult to cover wider wider difficult to take them exactly same situation, move back a little bit now this is right one like this and backwards and then like that, that’s ok and now then you might ask me Lee what about net if this front court player move backward this much then that’s too much gap at the net may be but, my answer is this in order to, opponent to hit shuttle to the net he has to do it very slow so this is logic if you are ready for fast one which is intercept you are ready for net kill too have a look please like that ok go shuttle goes you are ready for intercept intercept intercept and then ready again then like this backward ready for intercept and then you can kill it when shuttle comes to the net, this is slow shot which allows you to come forward so, if you are ready for fast one, you are ready for slow one too but if you are only ready for slow one which is only net you are not ready for fast one like this, so this time Rob is ready for net kill only net kill only like this and shuttle goes like this like that then you are not ready you can only take net one more please ready go like this shuttle goes backward and then, backwards please ready this is right one ok backwards and shuttle is slow, that’s ok also same move backwards go faster faster ok but if you stay same spot at the net you are not ready for the fast ones ready ok stay there it goes and you are not ready so remember if you think your partner is safe not under pressure then watch my feet if shuttle goes this corner then face side by side that corner side by side intercept, net kill please watch Rob’s feet again please watch carefully remember the front court player that’s you ok attack from the net when shuttle goes to the rear court then move backward 2, 3 steps in order to have wide view, wide angle to cover ready go like this like that and then shuttle goes same side intercept intercept intercept ok same the other side wider there there there there again and then hit once again wrong way which is stand same spot, when shuttle is going to the rear court this is wrong way stand there please stand at same spot there there now right way again like this like that like this to recap when you feel your partner at the rear court is not under pressure then don’t worry about rear court just think intercept and net kill but be ready for intercept first and then do the net kill, you can do both but if you are only ready for net kill then you will be not efficiently intercept when shuttle goes beside your body

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  1. this,nice lesson to change my wrong position .thx coach 🙂

  2. Thank you and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  3. This was very informative. I will use this tonight!

  4. Good luch and I hope it works for you. Lee

  5. Coach Lee, do you offer tuition for club standard players privately?

  6. Yes I do. I do not mind the level of players. I am happy to take all badminton lovers regardless of their standard. Lee

  7. Could you tell me with details of location and the fees please?
    I have most of your DVDs and would love to improve my game further.

  8. I am in Canada, I think you are in UK?

  9. I guess you don't have classes setup in the UK?

  10. No I am sorry. Lee

  11. hi i like to develop my smash power some days i smash very power but sometime its going flat its not dip may i know the reason

  12. There can be two reasons.
    1. Impact point may be too high rather then in front of your body
    2. You may use too much arm and shoulder rather then wrist.
    Please try with positiveness. Lee

  13. A power smash:- impact point of racquet/shuttle must be in front of you, not at or after the shuttle crossed your racquet holding hand shoulder. Footwork + speed + attitudes. When the racquet connect/impact with shuttle, it more like "whipping" the shuttle with your wrist power. "SPEED/FAST" is important in Badminton, defend or attack. Keep up Mr Lee and thks for helping the Badminton lovers.:)

  14. Thank you very much for your comment. Yes I shall continue to put more clips. Lee

  15. How do you hold your racket when playing front so you can net kill forehand and backhand? I have been finding it hard when i have been playing doubles to be able to get to the shuttle. Do you have any tips on this?

  16. You should have three grip where ever you are in on court. You have to have ready grip/Neutral grip and backhand grip and forehand grip. Otherwise you shot would be very limited. Lee

  17. Ok this helped a lot, thank you Coach Lee.

  18. You are very welcome. Lee

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  20. Very detail lesson ! Mr Lee . I use a lot of time for watch your vid …Good job !
    Br Le Hong Phien

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  22. it helps me a lot because im new in playing doubles.. thank you sir lee. :))

  23. You are very welcome and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  24. thanks, for ur regular videos…

  25. You are welcome. Lee

  26. Dear Lee,
    Why should the front player stay on the same side as the back player while attacking? The other court is opening up, right? The opponent can do a cross court drive to the empty court, no?

  27. @coachingbadminton

    I found this video very useful Mr. Lee I now know I should move back just a little bit when my partner is under alot of pressure at the back, just one question though, if my partner pushes up on the tramline at the side of the court to where my partner is still behind me but almost beside me on the left or right hand side of the court and does a jumping or standing smash or an offensive shot should I pull out from the net into defensive formation incase the opponent lifts or blocks flat to the opposite side and the open gap my partner has just made so I can return the lift or counter to my partner's smash or attacking shot from the tramline?

  28. This is freaking incredible…mainly because I heard this for the first time. People always speak positively about my speed at the front of the court but I always notice that I miss a lot of the pushes on the sides. So that's the reason why.. because
    right now I just stand in the center T and move when the shuttle returns. I realized how late I was. I will now try this out.

  29. i always thought when i am in front, i only have to stand at the "T" line in front. that's why i always cannot intercept the side shoot. now i realize what is my problem. thank you for this guide.

  30. coach lee…how about if the opponent return the smash at the rear court on the left or right side at the back..who will receive the shuttle the one on front to be move backward or the one at the back..?can he move that fast after he smash at the rear court left or right side..?

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  35. i cant see players moving and where they r going to drop shattle i can see only shuttle and react on it guide me how to watch court

  36. thank you coach….

  37. Coach lee, pls get a lavalier microphone and record voice somewhere without so much room reverb

  38. thanks coach now I can practise…

  39. coach lee… I want to ask you question… can I use tricks shot for double strategy…. please answer me…

  40. Another great video, thanks again, Lee :). I wish some of my partners would step back :).

  41. Where are you from? im looking for a coach to improve my badminton

  42. You're awesome sir!
    Thanks a lot, this video was really helpful.

  43. thank you Lee sir

  44. wow . you are so good at teaching .
    Good Job 🙂

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    Really appreciate it.

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