Badminton Doubles: Move Faster than the Shuttlecock

Badminton Doubles: Move Faster than the Shuttlecock

Level Doubles – Correction Move Faster than the shuttlecock You should have a fraction of time to set before you hit the shuttlecock Tim one more thing I made point last time but has not been improved is you are moving back to the rear corner not fast enough, you are moving with shuttlecock wrong way, this is what I see you are doing in the match this is Tim like that higher like this so you go with shuttle on the way you hit it so what happens, after you hit it you can’t move back you are hitting it with loosing balance so opponent can see what you are doing very easily it should be changed, go and then hit so you have to get quicker, wait hold it and then make shot higher like that and do this so like that and then drop what you do higher like this ok James will demonstrate wrong way ya like that ok right way get back quickly, yes get back quick and get back get back the wrong way right way wrong way

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  1. Youu are a legendary coach on Youtube Lee, thank you!

  2. @mzrealm Thank you for such comment. Lee

  3. Small very important detail, make big diffrence. Great advice!!

  4. Lee, you are my hero.

  5. Thank you too. Lee

  6. Thanks very much coach!

  7. You are very welcome. Lee

  8. Cheers however this tend to be more complicated when we do use nylon and not feather shuttlecocks. Also the "Parachute effect" do not let that much time for the placement. Otherwise you must predict much faster with nylon shuttles or am I mistaken?

  9. Nice moves Coach!!

  10. Sure, you can tell your self that badmintonton is hitting shuttlecock with your feet. Lee

  11. I'm glad that I can learn from your videos in Poland

  12. nee how coach lee im delighted to inform you that by following your drills and detailing of the basic strokes i have managed to finish runner up at the district badminton meet thank you very much for your support and your coaching videos

  13. Thank you very much for your kind comment. Lee

  14. it is difficult to control prastic shuttlecocks but I know that with many reasons many people are using it. Tell me what did you do and what you were thinking between the matches. Lee

  15. Coach Lee,
    What are some drills I can do to improve my speed and endurance on the court?
    I'm thinking short-term wise.

  16. Are you singles, doubles or mixed player?
    Also please tell me how many years you have been playing. Lee

  17. Oh, my bad for not providing enough details.
    I am referring mainly to singles.(But sometimes I do play some doubles)
    I have been playing for almost 10 years (started in primary school and I'm in Uni now)
    I was wondering what drills are there for me to increase my speed and endurance (stamina).

  18. I see, please wait for a little while, I will produce clips for what kind of drills can be done to someone like you. Lee

  19. Thank you so much!
    I am extremely grateful for your help.

  20. You are very welcome and am very pleased to know. Lee

  21. hi Mr lee im a bigginer in badminton & im a right hander my problem is , im not able to take the shuttle which is comming on my left hand side back corner. i need an expert advise from you

  22. I am sorry to inform you that give information from you, I am not able to advsie you. There are many reasons why you can not get it back. It can be slow movement, lack of awareness, wrong hitting skills, poor positioning your self at that moment, lack of confidence. Unless I see your action it is not wise to advise you. If you can you can video your self and let me see it. Lee

  23. Hi Coach Lee, I find that eating certain types of foods like cheese before a badminton match will drain my energy and make me feel bloated and suffocated. Can you make a video of types of sports diet to follow or tell me what diet to follow to produce optimum performance for badminton? TQ! ^^

  24. Good point, Coach.

  25. Thanks Sir Lee for that but I have a problem.I lose my energy and stamina very easily so what to do, please help me sir.

  26. Do running for 30-40 min 4-5 times a week.
    And do footwork training for 30-40 min 4-5 times a week.
    If you can also do weight training for your legs for 3-4 times a week.
    These will help your fitness and you will be lasted much longer. Lee

  27. again i learned coach

  28. Thank you and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  29. thnx coach Lee. It did help me alot and improve my game 🙂

  30. I think you are handsome

  31. can you please teach me badminton here in the Cebu,Philippines…because i really need coach..:)

  32. I wish he would get the audio sorted on these videos, I cant understand a word he says

  33. how to win double tutorial please

  34. How to defend in backhand MR Lee

  35. But Lee it is little bit tougher for me

  36. ok…. i will practise until do well

  37. thanks for ur advice lee

  38. This one is very good advice.

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