Badminton Doubles (Question 17)

Badminton Doubles (Question 17)

Question 17 In level doubles, when your partner is attacking from the rear court, your base should be – on the short service line – slightly in front of the short service line – about 1 meter behind the short service line Question number 17 the answer is behind the service line, I will explain why? ok Tom come stay at the service line please, at the service line when opponent partner is attacking if you stay there your boundary will be much small, very small like that ok watch this like match intercept if shuttle go little bit wider he can’t take it because he is too close, watch again ready, take it stay at the service line there as you saw if shuttle was little bit wider, no chance to take it so, he has wasted in the way ok now the right answer behind service line, back, more yup that is the right answer, he can take much more shuttle cocks watch this go here here and shuttle goes wider wider wider net he can take intercept and kill as well you might challenge me by saying Lee if he stay far then he will be late to the net kill this one, ya stay there you may say ok in that way interception is good but what happens to the net that’s very good question but I have the answer no net shot goes, fast in order the shuttle cock go to the net has to be slow so, he has time to move forward and kill if he is ready for faster drive shots or intercept he is also ready for the net kill but if he is worried about the net kill he cannot take or intercept the fast ones can you see the point if you stay close to the net it looks like you are standing in the big picture in the gallery like this so you can’t really see it in order to see the whole picture you have to move back to see it, its same if you are too close shuttle will pass too fast, you don’t have view but if you are back then you have much better feeling and view

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  1. I always wondered this. Good explanation.

  2. @coolcut55 Thank you. Lee

  3. Love that analogy about the picture, surprising similar to what photographers use when discussing print quality! 🙂

    I will keep this in mind next time I play!

  4. @gunnerz7 I am pleased to know it makes sense to you. Lee

  5. Really good video. I was standing too close to the net and couldn't react to the shots. Moving back made a huge improvement. Thanks again 🙂

  6. Thank you very much and I am very happy to know this clip has been beneficial to you. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  7. Hai Coach Lee, this video is really not dissapointed me…helpful and easy to understand. I'm currently practice to make this position is more accurate and tried hard to move fast to the front. Thank you

  8. I am very pleased to know. Thank you for posting your comment and I hope soon you are able to do it and feel the benefit of it. Lee

  9. if they drop then it will be difficult ….sir please help that in this situation

  10. If they drop it is a slow shot which you have time to move. If you stay too close and shuttlecock pass you fast then you do not have time to react. Lee

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