Badminton Doubles: Smash Defense Posture

Badminton Doubles: Smash Defense Posture

Level Doubles – Correction Right Racket Position for Smash Defense Be ready for both sides 50/50, rather than be ready in gamble way of backhand 80% and forehand 20% Tim when you are defending your racket is ready for backhand side for 70% like this, because of that that’s easy, but that’s problem this has to be changed to like this ok watch this, smash both sides please if you are ready like that, like this you have to do that, that’s easy that’s easy because you are ready backhand but that’s problem you have to be ready for 50/50 like this ya ready ready ready ok rather than ready easy lucky unlucky move this one to there if shuttle is over there cross side then your racket should point there so 50/50 ya like this, like that ready like this but not like this here that’s what I see put over there because its there, its quicker like this ok, no like that let’s say if you are standing this side and shuttle goes there then you should be like that, like this ready but not, at the moment it is like this ok, should be like that same if shuttle goes there then your end of the racket should be pointing there ok like that like this but at the moment its like this lucky, like that not good like that, ya you can’t

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  1. I believe 50/50 ready is the best way as it prepared both chance in same way. There is time to use backhand shot when shuttlecock is on forehand side but I am not keen to train players to practise backand ready for forehand side shots as it will create other weaknesses. Lee

  2. Where should I set my racket and hand to get ready 50/50 exactly? . Look at the clip, sounds like I have to set my racket and arm in front of my right shoulder and inclined to my racket leg and keep my elbow away my body, then move my footwork to face the shuttle. Is this the correct way? If it is then I have to do more practice until it become my second nature, since my right side smash return wasn't smooth. Thanks coach Lee.

  3. Yes what you have explained is right. Your racket should be placed centre of your body and the end of your racket should be pointing the shuttlecock then you will automatically ready 50/50. It may be difficult for sometime because of you may worry about your backhand side. But ones you get used it you would not have weakness and you will have much more choice of shots that way rather then take forehand side shot by your hackhand. In that way your shot will be limited. Lee

  4. Thank you so much. helps a lot to know the 1 grip is enough for both sides. Should make life easier :). Thanks

  5. Coach Lee , so if the smash is from cross court, should i turn to face the smasher or still keep facing the net?

  6. You should face the person making the shot and the end of your racket should also point the person making the shot with ready/middle grip. Lower your posture then you can see his smash much faster and will be able to return better. Lee

  7. Your video clearly shows my mistake and weakness of using the 80/20 defense posture.
    Thanks a lot for showing the correct posture.

  8. I am very pleased know it helped you and thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  9. this is helpful!

  10. this video is helpful..thank you very much

  11. You are very welcome. Lee

  12. normally most of the doubles profesional player practice backhand smash defence either left or right and it's look to familiar to them…can you explain why…thank you Coach Lee.

  13. I do see you points and I also see some of professional players are doing it. There can be many reasons why they do that way. It can be a babit from youg age or they do it with particular reasons. I can not answer why. There may be a good reason which I do not know which I am very happy to learn. But I rather train my players be able to cover both side rather then ready more for backhand as if opponent has good ability, they can attack the weakness area of this way. Thank you for good question.

  14. how many shutter did you had on hand O_O!

  15. Hi coach, how do you defend from a body smash? when the smash is coming towards my racquet, but not to my forehand or backhand side.

  16. The best way to do it is to have good posture first. Put your racket forward and put it centre of your body and pointing to the shuttlecock. Lower the posture. When it comes to the centre of your body, you have choice of taking it forehand or backhand by moving your body left or right bit. If you have your posture right then more likely you will be able to do it automatically. Try and let me know please. Lee

  17. If only I could generate as much power from my forehand defense as coach lee…

  18. It can be done, it is timing, grip, finger and wrist power. I am sure you can do that too. Try a little by little with total believe. I know you can do that. Lee

  19. Thanks so much for the encouragement. In doubles, I find myself doing the backhand defense only. Your videos on posture and finger power have already improved my defense dramatically. I just haven't figured out what the correct grip for forehand smash defense is and how the timing of injecting finger and wrist power should be (Could you please tell me what the right grip would be??? Same grip as forehand clear or close to neutral grip?). It's on my must-learn-list for this season.

  20. You have to have a ready grip or nutural grip for forehand smash defense.
    My next clip is follow lee 2 on smash defense and I hope this will be done early October. I very much hope it helps you. Lee

  21. Great video, Lee, Thank you!
    I wander to know which grip you use when you prepare to defense at beginning, backhand or neutral grip?

  22. Thank you, I am using neutral grip for smash defense as there will be not much time to change grip like net kill. Lee

  23. Thanks a lot for your prompt reply, Coach Lee, appreciate!
    Another question, when the shuttle comes in around 1 or 2 clock, you prefer to drive back by using forehand or to block out by backhand?

  24. hello coach how are you doing ? Havent seen any of your recent feeds this one is to check if u r ok n everythings fine . Have one very good news im called up 4 doubles trial at our club thanks 4 ur help n valuable tips

  25. Thank you and I am fine. I have been very busy recently but I will be making new clips from middle of October. Good to hear that you are playing well. Lee

  26. I am very sorry but please give me more detailed question about it. It is my English sometime I am clear of questions. Lee

  27. I had this problem, and I did not ever noticed that by myself. Thanks !

  28. Good videos coach. Thank you. how to defend a smash coming towards your racket hand

  29. Thank you. Please wait a few weeks as I am making smash defense clips soon and the answer clip of your question will be there. Lee

  30. Very good videos Coach. Even though I have a decent badminton technique, I watch your videos many times, especially before a badminton session, so it is very clear in my head what the particular points I need to focus on. Almost as good as having an actual coach behind me while I am playing.

  31. I am so delighted to know that you feel such way with my coaching clips. Thank you very much for taking time to posting your comment. Lee

  32. I would like to welcome you to badminton and I do very much hope you do enjoy it for a long time. I am sure you will be able to improve your level faster then normal as you have experience on other racket sport. I hope my clips help you improve faster. Lee

  33. Coach Lee, Again, best coach i've ever seen. i'm from indonesia and i love your tips and your teaching method. Couple of pointers that might help us if you're making another video, maybe you can wear a wireless microphone so your voice is not making echo. or maybe ask someone to have subtitle in the video, because i'm sure your students are from all over the world.But still i want to let you know how very helpful your video is. Thank you so much. God Bless

  34. Thank you for your kind comment on my clips. I am very pleased to know that my clips are helping you. Yes, I do agree that I need mic to make my voice clearer to the viewers. Soon all my clips will be sub titled. Thank you for posting your comment. I very much appreciate. Lee

  35. probably best youtube coach

  36. wow!!!simply awesome!!! thanks

  37. very helpful thank coach!

  38. You are very welcome. Lee

  39. Thank you too. Lee

  40. coach i have a problem… when defencing on left side of the court i used to take the shuttle with backhand grip… i do well with backhand grip… but my forhand grip is not powerfull enough to sent the shuttle to the back court…. if the shuttle comes to my forhand side am strugling a little…. is there any remedy for this…. please help me…..

  41. It is mainly because of you are havinging backhand grip ready so it would be easier for backhad but more difficult to defense forehand. Only way I would like to recomend is to have middle grip so you are ready same way for backhand and forehand. It will be hard to do as you have your own habit but I believe that is the best way. Lee

  42. I think your video is going to fix my problem that have been hurting me for a while. Thanks for uploading this..

  43. I am very pleased to know. Thank you. Lee

  44. Sir can you post a video for all the faults in badminton. Thank u for all your videos

  45. What kind of grip are you using for this defense? To be honest, my defense is quite alright, but when I'm watching the top players; I see them using the backhand grip (thumb behind the grip). Is this the correct way to do? Normally I'm using the middle grip. I've tried using the backhand grip, but somehow I can't seem to make it work (timing is off, can't seem to get strenght/'whip' behind the shot). Thank you for your advice and videos

  46. I am doing the way you are doing. I believe middle grip is the right grip when defending smash. That way you can defend both side same way. I do know some professional players are using backhand grip and take backhand 70-80% which I disagree. Using backhand grip limits forehand side options. But it is easy to defend backhand side. I am train players under me to use middle grip for that reasons. Lee

  47. Thank you for taking the time to answer! I'm glad that I just can continue with my middle grip and you're very right about the forehand defense. Very useful!

  48. sir what if if serve is done from wrong court.? does the opponent get point..?

  49. I am pleased to know. Thank you. Lee

  50. How many shuttles do you have in your hand?????????
    Thanks for uploading buddy!!!!!!!!!

  51. Ypu are very welcome. Lee

  52. thank you very much sir!!!! You are the most intelligent badminton coach I ever seen..!!

  53. Thank you for your kind comment. Lee

  54. thank's a lot sir., u help me,,. to defend a smash attack

  55. I am very pleased to know. Thank you too. Lee

  56. il practice this one too coach thanks

  57. You are very welcome. Lee

  58. exactly what I was looking for. thank you very much Sir….

  59. You are very welcome. Lee

  60. coach lee,what if the opponent smash and the shuttlecock go straight to my chest?how can I defense?

  61. That is one of the difficult one to defense but if you have low and solid good posture, you can return it. Make your posture smaller, lower and put your racket centre of your body then you will return it. Try today. Lee

  62. thanks ,another question :if my partner play a clear/smash we play side by side/front-rear ,but if my partner make a drive ,what should we play ?

  63. Good question.
    If your drive is putting your opponent under pressure then one of you should move to the net and become front and back attacking position but if your drive is not putting your opponent under pressure then you should stay side by side.
    It is not always same, everytime different so it is difficult to say without given condition. Lee

  64. thank you,it helps me a lot 😀 last question:how to make the cross drop shot go faster?add more power?

  65. Not the power but the speed of your wrist action. Lee

  66. thank you coach Lee ,my skills are better now due to your advices .your video clips are so helpful:D

  67. hi sir, i got right hand elbow pain, how to cure that, give me some excercise to control pain… and what is the reason

  68. I think it is fine to do it but when you play fast game it may be better to use one hand as it is faster. It will take more time to switch one hand to the other hand then change from forehand to backhand. But it is your choice and feel free to use it. Not many people able to do it does not mean you are sily to do it. Be your self and choose the way you like. Lee

  69. The reason can be
    1. wrong backhand clear skill(stretching your elbow fully)
    2. Hitting clear and smash behind of your body(forcing hit skills)
    You have to rest to recover and find out what caused the pain. Correct your skill then do arm weight to make your arm strong.


  70. I am very pleased to know. I would upload more clips in the future. Lee

  71. If I see you hitting the shuttlecock by your both hands then I may be able to tell which one to use. With out seeing the hitting action and based on what you say, I think it may be better you to use your left hand as it is your original using hand and have much more natural power. If you practice you can use it very well. You have to make your mind up and choose one then practice a lot. Before long you will be happy. Lee

  72. thank you verymuch sir,,, love your skills

  73. You are very welcome. Lee

  74. sir what if you are at the front?the shuttle comes to you very quick when your opponent smash.what could possibly be the posture how to defend it?

  75. When opponent have chance to smash you should not be at the net but should be side by side position. Lee

  76. Thankyou sir.your videos helps me a lot

  77. I am very pleased to know. Thank you too. Lee

  78. I hope it works for you. Lee

  79. Hello mr.lee tell me some exercises to move fast in the running,sprinting….

  80. wow sir you really have a powerful wrist!

  81. You have to learn the footwork skills first then do speed training. Running, sprinting, stairs running, skipping, jumping and so on there are many of them. Lee

  82. Thank you coach..very helpful

  83. Thank you very much 🙂

  84. Sir, what if the shuttle is fast paced to your chest or head level. How do we play that?

  85. Thanks coach…i learn a lot from u,and i will keep learning by watching all ur videos.U are very helpful…

  86. Thanks coach…i learn a lot from u,and i will keep learning by watching all ur videos.U are very helpful…

  87. thank you coach i learn a lot from you   i am the worst player in the game but not now i am not    my hand arms legs pain a lot but not now thank you very much

  88. What do we do if they hit in the middle

  89. Hi Coach lee, are you holding a basic grip or backhand grip?

  90. do you have to use alot of force to hit the shuttle back to the baseline?

  91. how come top pros use backhand to block everything? Can we be in ready position for both sides and start off as back hand grip? that's what my coach told me cause backhand can be used to block 90% of the shots

  92. thanks a lot coach. For many days I was using the backhand position to return smashes in doubles and could return even the toughest shots but had problems with that one unlucky shot at the forehand position. I will surely use your tip from now on to return smashes and keep my racket in the middle position. please keep making more videos.

  93. sir, how can we maintain our composure, when things are not going our way in the court during the match??

  94. Last week in a friendly match I was using too much of the backhand defence position on my ad court. The guy was suddenly smashing on my forehand side. Straight away I knew something was wrong. And then I found this video.

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