Badminton-Doubles Where and how to Smash

Badminton-Doubles Where and how to Smash

When you smash, what kind of smash can you do to create opportunity watch this ok, when reasonably good player when they lift they move little bit backwards and their racket is like that as James prepared, ok ready for smash watch if smash goes there fast ok lift bang bang bang bang bang it does not matter how hard you smash, easy but you should be doing, 1 2 3 4 4 different shots number 1 sliced smash instead of shuttle goes there shuttle comes down bit short because you sliced, number 1 shot number 2, instead of doing fast smash fast smash do slow smash, yeah little check smash so speed is bit slower, so he is ready for fast smash and then suddenly shuttle comes slower its difficult to time it, second shot not full smash, check smash third shot, watch this some times deleborately, smash here ready not here and then there ready there so instead of smash this area where your opponent is ready, some times you smash there and then he will do like that when you smash here be careful, don’t smash too hard then because if he leave it, it might go out so when you smash here, it has to be little bit weaker ok watch this I am going to do full smash and then I will use slice smash see what happens ok keep lifting again, same so as you saw it, because shuttle comes little bit shorter because of the slice, it is difficult because he was expecting the shot to come to him now shuttle is dropping he has to move next one you smash hard and then do the check smash not hard smash, you do this smash when shuttle is very deep because for deep lift if you smash, you loose balance you loose speed, you give opponent to damage you normal smash here and then suddenly do that meaning of check smash is 2 things because you are not using all your body action, yeah little tap so you are ready if you do full smash it takes more time to get ready for the next one, because you checked you are ready for the next one ok, so what happens you do check smash and then make lift little bit shorter or little difficult and then do full smash like this yeah normal smash normal smash check smash and then like that next one smash different directions as you saw ready diagonal its easy and then smash there ok watch this normal smash normal smash and then smash there now when you are doing that kind of variety of smash your opponent will feel uncomfortable because he does not know what kind of smash but if you smash all the time same power same angle, does not matter how hard smash you have the last one power smash you use it when your opponent lift is little bit short then you really smash ok ready normally in this case, smash about that place ok if I smash backhand its easy again if I smash there its easy but if I smash there difficult again here so, when he is ready, every body more ready for backhand because they are weak, in this case don’t smash here smash there, make him like that or like this yeah this area

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  1. Hello Lee, your video really help me a lot. And what impressive smashes you have there!! Thankyou so much for showing the types of smashes and I definitely learn a lot here.

  2. I am very pleased to know and thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  3. l'm very lucky and very thank you for you coaching. I like play badminton and learn a lot from you

  4. I am very pleased to know and thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  5. i just want to ask. after a couple of smashes,change to slice smash, but wouldn't it be better if you do a slow drop to the net, so that he will have to cover more distance

  6. That is good point. Some itme that works better but if your opponent is a fast player then he may lift your drop shot to the deep corner and make you work harder. But if you do slice smash when he expect hard smash, he lift may be not as deep as when he lift drop so you may have better chance to make hard smash. It is depending on that situation. Sometime choose A is better then B but some time it can be other way round. Lee

  7. You are very welcome. Lee

  8. very vey good technique. smash to forehand , to their face is hard to return.

  9. Thank you too. Lee

  10. Thanx Nice Skill I see 🙂

  11. Hi Lee, please , how to return the smash shot if the opponents smash direct to your forehand or your face?

  12. Try to have low posture and put your racket and your racket arm forward then you will be able to defend his smash. Lee

  13. Thanks again! I need this!

  14. You are very welcome. Lee

  15. You are welcome. Lee

  16. I am very pleased to know. Lee

  17. Coach Lee please help me I can't smash very powerful like you do.. My smash is very weak can u give me a tip of how to smash with power..

  18. There must be reason why your smash is not powerful. 1. need to find why 2. Change the skill with better skill 3. Practice the new skill 4 make it strong. Please watch all the clips related with smash in my channel and ask questions after you view all of them. I am sure your smash will be much better very soon. Lee

  19. i am not a professional like Coach Lee but just a little experience to share. You may take a video of your smash and compare with the demonstration by Coach Lee. then you can find out questions to ask coach Lee.

  20. Tqvm coach i got more info

  21. Thank you and pleased to know. Lee

  22. Coach lee what do you do when the shuttle crock passes near your neck when a player does a power smash? There is a very energetic player that smashes near the net at an angle that slows me down please help me..

  23. When he smashes lihe that where were you?
    If you are in right position and his smash passes to your neck then you do not have to take it as it will be going out. I think you may be position your self not the right spot. Lee

  24. thank you for telling me what i did wrong it really helped me Lee .

  25. I am very pleased to know. Lee

  26. I have a competition tomorrow and both my rackets are broken do you have any rackets you think are the best for competition?

  27. Try few rackets to find out the one which very similar to the one you been using. Lee

  28. Coach Lee pls make a video on Slice smash

  29. hi Lee im bac with u for a new comment again.
    can u make a video teach us how to do different smash.

  30. Effective video for me

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