Badminton Drive (Question 23)

Badminton Drive (Question 23)

Question 23 True or False? When you make a drive shot from the side of the court the impact point should be at the side of your body. Question 23 the answer is false why? Please have a look so you are here shuttle is coming to my backhand side watch my face eyes I will take shuttle side of my body, drive please so my eyes has to go there I have no idea watch this same, side of my body here not right same forehand here watch my face I am taking side of my body here So I am watching there I am not hitting over there, I am hitting here so this way I am watching there and I am hitting it there after shot I have to look for it the right way when shuttle goes there do not follow the shuttle cock your body has to go little bit backwards like that wider ya like this like this so when shuttle is there instead of doing that shuttle there you have to do that so here, see there not there watch again like this longer like this deeper like this compare

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  1. Dear Mr Lee,

    First, many thanks for sharing, and being such a good teacher. I have looked at many of your videos…they are clearly explained, practical and very wise – often providing insights that go well beyond the badminton court. This particular clip has reminded me that inorder to play well one must be able to see not only the shuttle, but where one wishes to send the shuttle. I don't find this easy to do, but when I get it, it makes all the difference!

    Thanks again!

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words on my clips and I am pleased to know that you can see the point of this clip and sometime it works for you. Thank you for taking time to post such nice comment. Kind regards Lee

  3. Sir Lee, is there any chance for you to show us your great skill in a real match? please , i really want to see it. <3

  4. Thank you for asking. I will try after I lose some of my weight. Lee

  5. Wow!! Mr.Lee, your drive shot is fast and powerful. Very impressive. Do you have a video on how to do proper drive shots? Thanks.

  6. That clip will be made in due course. I am going to do all the skills in detail again in each week from June. Lee

  7. It is made of all. Grip finger power, wrist, fore arm and the way of hitting slikks. Lee

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