Badminton: Drop Shot from the left rear court

Badminton: Drop Shot from the left rear court

Drop shot from backhand corner, left rear corner 3 drop shots simple drop shot reverse drop shot straight sliced drop shot number 1 – the right way straight simple drop shot the wrong way – turn the face wide hitting too hard and stop right way reverse sliced cross drop shot right way last one straight inside sliced drop shot which is very advanced shot the right way fast way all in one go – simple, reverse, straight

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  1. Dang, his slice drop shot is deceptive as hell

  2. I looooove the slice cross drop shot. Crisp. Beautiful.

  3. I love how you always show what we need to do, but when it comes to technique id love it if you explained the shots and how to do it

  4. yes I do understand your question. This clip was made to just show you the kind of shots. I am going to make more detailed clips on how to do all the stroke skills step by step. Thank you for your suggestion. Lee

  5. Hi coach lee
    Its very kind of you that so many skills you have explained very well here. My question is i want to buy the dvd which covers all badminton strokes start from begnning level to advance level skill of racket skill. Do u reccomend any perticular from yr website or most of the skills are already here and its just a matter of practice.
    Anand Panchal

  6. Thank you for your comment. Some of them are on this youtube as free clips
    and some you can rent. It is your choice but I recomend that to watch all the free clips first as there are lot of them. Then you will know if you need to buy any DVDs.
    Kind regartds. Lee

  7. Thanks for your quick reply but as you have explained in other blog here that the purpose of dropshot demo. Is not skill orinted but more for understand about basic drop shot. So any dvd which will demonstrate the skill aspects of advanced strokes.

  8. I have not done the drop skill clips yet but I am going to do it in the future.
    But there are other stroke skills clips you can view. Lee

  9. Thanks a lot coach lee. I will wait till it come i have watched all 410 clips i am following you and your insructions religiously purely because you are such a humble person and your technik has boosted my level singles and doubles both game drastically. Currently i m working on late cross court back hand drop shot. I really could do with some guidance but i can wait till you post dropshot video or even if you make dvd which covers these advanced shots i want to get it. Again thanks a lot

  10. Thank you for watching all my clips and I am happy to know you value the clips.
    I have not uploaded new clips but please wait a little while as I am planning to make more clips and start uploading from late this month. Kind regard. Lee

  11. Hi Coach Lee, thank you for the videos. I was wondering if you change your forehand grip when making simple drop shot, reverse, straight slice drop shot?

  12. thanks for sharing.

  13. You are very welcome. Lee

  14. Coach lee, I can't agree with you on this technique. My coach always tells me to turn my body when I try to hit the shuttlecock from rear court. And it would make the drop, clear and smash look the same.

  15. Your coach is right. What I am pointing out here is that there are many people who not only turn their body but turn their eyes and their impact point to side. As long as your impact point is in front of your body turning is fine. But you turn your body as well as your eyes and impact point to side of your body, then you will have much problem. Lee

  16. Thanks for the reply. Yes, it makes sense. Thank you for sharing your insightful views.

  17. You are very welcome. Lee

  18. Greetings coach,
    What is the correct footwork to move back to the left hand corner to do these shots??
    Your coaching very informative

  19. There are a few differnt ways to move depending on how much you are under pressure or not. The most important thing is to face the shuttlecock and get behind shuttlecock. Lee

  20. Greetings Coach Lee,
    your videos gave me a huge advantage from the other players in my club. The only problem is my dropshot. It is very easy to see. I would love to see a video where you tell every step of the dropshot like you did in the smash videos.
    You have a big fan in Germany live long and prosper 🙂

  21. Thank you for your kind comment. Yes I will do that. I am planning to do much more detailed clips. Just can not find right time to do it but soon I will be able to do it. Thank you for your suggetion. Lee

  22. Mr. Lee, Thanks for the fantastic Videos on Back hand Drop and shots…. My elbow use to be in pain while playing any kind of back hand. I will now try the new way of playing Badminton. Am 33 and want to learn more…..

  23. Coach – please advise. I coach in Vancouver and many of the coaches in our club that are from China performs a wind up semi-circle over head swing before impact for a reverse-slice cross drop-shot. Their set racket position is angled inward above their heads before the wind-up, which differs from how I do it…side and racket face facing forward and swing is rather straight foward (similar like yours). Your thoughts?

  24. Coach Lee, how do you turn your wrist to an acute angle using a forehand grip which typically is square on to the shuttle?

  25. The last straight "advanced" drop shot is a beauty. Sight for sore eyes… Next skill to master !! Reverse and straight drop already looking good ??

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