Badminton Fight Rocks Badminton Community

here at the Canada open and to former
Thai players star brawling upn throttle reminds me of Drake and Chris
Brown feel not really okay but here’s the video we have it the I am i bad guy for being amused by this
and I love hats Aikido oh that’s interesting here why do
some against all fighting and I like fighting a public space they were about to play
each other this is fully appropriate I couldn’t say so rate this is what it’s all about this
why they do in sports is white although I don’t like cocky I like the fact because there’s
something so he went about getting that stuff how you can imagine if you could be
doing this at an office no one can do this nobody in accountants office can run across the desk and beat the
crap outta their boss is a real prick but in sports you can get away with it
yeah sure maybe I’ll be suspended for a couple we’ve will come
back in a bit I’m signs a secret there’s no winners in this fight but you
playing you’re playing badminton you to escape a
course that the best you blame even bass we get to ask if that’s embarrassing see
not tell that story but you don’t now when this fight go to boys like so its eggs up kick this guys that were
playing badminton I dude you out there by to know by then
get details about what that’s why this story is hilarious right you’re playing bad man how he did
could you be ok what did you do with that shuttlecock I and I don’t know I okay so let me tell you why they 5 yeah
however like to know okay so they were actually partners and
the London Olympics last year you Capri far and then our happened well
obviously 1 a.m. in January this year said he was
gonna retire so you gonna quit the partnership young men resurfaced not
long after with a new partner so the guys course old trough love this job so 0 we’re used to be poured downgraded
to do you do quite sure who broke away from me he’s upset that the guys playing with
someone else’s shuttlecock exact yeah said Brad mitten Fortner

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