Badminton: Finger Power Training (1)

Badminton: Finger Power Training (1)

Finger Power Training (1) Start 10 x 5 sets then increase it to 20 x 5 sets 1 2 4 5 7 8 10 1 2 3 last minute push it 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Lee Jae Bok

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  1. If you have finger power then you can do much more advanced badminton stroke skills. For example, if you can not grip hard then you can not make hard smash or strong backhand clear. With powerful figer poer you can do much more deceptive shots as you can make shot with mucvh more compact swing action.

  2. Just imagine that making a shot with grip power rather then using wrist. many people thinks hitting shuttlecock is done with wrist but that is not truth it is done with finger/grip power to make advanced shots.

  3. I am very pleased to know that. Thank you and have a good training. Lee

  4. Coach Lee u are really such a good coach, i've saw many if your video and, may i ask you how to get the perfect timing when u are aiming the shuttlecock ? hope u can see this.
    God Bless You (:

  5. Total focus to the shuttlecock is the key. This focus will give to best possible timing. Lee

  6. i can do this in handstand as well :DD

  7. coach lee sir,can u please tell me how to get control over the shuttle and please suggest me how can i improve my shot selection…. thanks 🙂

  8. 1. if you take the shuttlecock in front of your body then it will be much easier to control. Try to get behind shuttlecock when ever you can. 2. You have to do a lot of repeat practice with good fucos. 3. You should video your match play and study them then you will be able to see your good and bad selections. Lee

  9. sir
    my daughter age 12 yrs playing badminton from 6yrs but she is too slow in court .She also take adv training & regularly doing excesies.Kindly advice me wht i can do

  10. You have to find out why she is slow. Is it because of she is physically slow or her footwork skills is wrong so she is slow. Please identify why she is slow then you can change it. I need to see her moving then I can tell why she is slow. Lee

  11. Hi Coach Lee, i would like to know if using Hand Gripper is good for fingers too.

  12. Yes that is also very good for finger power. Lee

  13. hi coach Lee. I've done your exercise for 2 weeks now, and whenever I play games and do a hard smash, my thumb really hurts. Does this just mean it is getting stronger from the training or I've just got a normal badminton injury? it hurts near the joint on the inside of thehand

  14. Hello Sir. I just have one question.

    When you hold a badminton racket, which fingers do you press on the hardest?

  15. is it same as push ups with fingers?

  16. Dear Coach Lee, first of all, many thanks for your videos, again.

    My net shots, drives, and smash returns have become much more deceptive after I followed your guides to use fingers more intelligently.

    One question, just one question, when you SMASH or do powerful CLEAR, do you use finger power? Because I am having troubles incorporating finger power in smashes and clears (I only use wrist power and do a big swing).

  17. Hi coach Lee, I'm a diabetic patient can do this workout? Please reply. Thank you…

  18. Dear MR. Lee,
    I’m naive to badmiton. I’m learning badmiton by watching only your videos. While doing smash I hurt my right hand elbow and shoulder. After that my getting pain while smashing.
    Can you suggest me how to recover from it. I’m 30 years old, living in Jeonju, South Korea and very serious on learning badmiton.
    I have one doubt, which ball to smash and which ball to drive or clear …? How to decide the shots …?

    Thank you very much. Hamsamitha ~~

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