Badminton: Follow Lee (2) The Net Kill 2-2 (The Posture)

Badminton: Follow Lee (2) The Net Kill 2-2 (The Posture)

posture for net kill first of all position of your racket, where your racket should be, your racket should be center of your body. here, so from here you have equal distance to forehand, here to backhand ready, so you are ready for every where and your racket should be little bit higher than the net, so because of the net shuttle will go up so, racket should be higher, not too high not too low, little bit higher than net ok, like this. ok now move your racket forward from your body watch this like that, not like that, it takes too long and automatically you will be making bigger actions but if you do that, you will reach to the shuttle cock much quicker and automatically you will be making compact actions, rather than big actions, ok so move your racket away from your body like that, the wrong way is like this right, center ok at this point the racket should be like this no like that, no like that, nice, so 50-50 you are ready ok about here ok one more, the wrong way like that or like this, you have a problem there we have a problem here, ready ok not here, in front, so you will be taking shuttle in front. But if you do that you will be taking here, there, ok there, not there, there ok not there, when beginner came the experienced club player normally ask the beginner, put your racket up and the beginner players will put their racket too high and the shuttle goes faster they are not ready, put racket up little bit higher than the net, here. not here, not there little bit higher, so you are ready there, ok. There no there, there. when you put your racket up if shuttle is there then your racket should point shuttle cock, if shuttle is there your racket should point there, if shuttle is there you are ready look when shuttle is there you are ready like that, you are ready 50-50, but when shuttle is there your racket is there, then that is too much room here, 70 percent and this is too easy so, shuttle comes here, you are not ready. So, shuttle there ready shuttle there ready, shuttle there no like this if shuttle comes faster you are not ready here, there. Always move end of your racket to the shuttle cock, shuttle is there end of the racket point it, if you point end of the racket to the shuttle cock automatically your racket will be away from you so you are quicker put your, point your racket to the shuttle cock I dont mean like this, end of the racket point it ok. Ok watch let’s say my feeder is there my racket should not be there, my racket should be there, because shuttle is coming from there your racket should be pointing to the shuttle cock, so lets say if shuttle cock comes to the forehand side you are ready, if shuttle comes there you are ready, but if you are ready like this, shuttle comes there it takes too long, when shuttle is there your end of the racket point there. and shuttle come there you are ready shuttle is there you are ready, so you are 50-50 ready but if shuttle is there your racket is center shuttle come here you are not ready this is very important, once you understand this logic, you are already 50 percent ready for every single shuttle cock, so you are half already prepared of opponent possible attack. so do not ignore or dont take this easily, this is one of the very important element this logic will apply to every thing, not only net kill every thing in badminton leg posture ok, not too narrow not too wide, here its difficult to move. About shoulder wide, every body different some of them longer legs and some of them shorter legs, depending on that you have to find right distance. Ok wide here lets say shuttle is in the center you should be side by side, if shuttle is over there then your face has to be facing there so you are ready 50-50 ok like that shuttle is there, then little bit face there, so when the shuttle comes straight or cross you have equal distance when shuttle is there if you face straight this will go too quickly and your feet is not ready for this and that too easy so too difficult too easy if you do that when shuttle is over there so always face the shuttle cock ok so same idea once you do that you are 50 percent ready for which ever opponent hit, straight or cross, straight or cross you are ready equally, ok because you are facing like that, ok arm, left arm look the right arm you have racket you are using power, on your left arm non racket arm you have to have similar energy, similar weight ok, so one arm will have racket forwarded, left arm should be in side ways, so its balanced like this, ok. like this many of them they do not use left arm at all, because they thinking I am hitting with right arm why should I use left arm, that is not right then watch this, do focus on my left arm, I believe this is the right way look here or right forwarded, left arm side when the shuttle come, like that not ya not there, it does not make good balance, it has to be balanced watch again backhand not try to feel which posture, look more ready more agressive, here or it shows not confident, worried about that I dont care ya what ever happens I just do it do have agressive posture you will gain agressive attitude and you will move like a angry tiger, rather than scared mouse against stronger player

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  1. Thank you coach Lee, this is very important part to get perfect in neeting…i will practise a lot to make my skills on neeting improve…

  2. Ok it need a lot of practice. remember that practice with believe and positiveness then the time will be shorten. Lee

  3. Man, this reminds me of when I used to do karate and kung fu…. Same kind of mindset. I can't wait until Saturday now 😉

  4. I think everything is same if you would like to do things properly then it is same wtat ever. Lee

  5. Lee your videos are great. I want to thank you a lot! Thanks!

  6. I am very pleased to know and you are very welcome. Lee

  7. Great videos, Coach. How high and how close to the body should the racket be when in the middle of the court length and at the back?

  8. Thank you for your comment. If you you are at the middle of the court then your racket should be located to the middle of your body as fast shot could come to that level, if you saty back of the court then your racket can be bit low as smash could come to that level. Most of time it would be better to put racket away from your body but not full stretch way.

  9. You are very welcome. Lee

  10. like your coaching video, point out the mistake that most player always do^^

  11. Thanks to your videos, I noticed that simplicity is always the keyword.

  12. Yes I do agree with you. Simple is the best way I also think. Lee

  13. Hi Lee,
    So the problem for me is that in front of the net, drives pass by me too quickly for me to react and block it. Besides raising the racket above the net height, is there another way to improve your reflex to react better to drives?

  14. Try to base your self bit a way from the net. Instead of standing at the centre try to move your position same side as where shuttlecock lifted to your partner. Try to make a very small interception action rather then try to finish it. Lee

  15. Thanks for responding, I'll try that out.
    But what should I do if they cross court it? My partner is smashing from a corner and if they drive cross to the other corner I wouldn't be able to cut that off (now that I'm moving to the same side as my partner) and my partner would have a hard time returning it as well as he needs to recover and travel across the court to get it in tha back court quite low.
    Thanks so Much.

  16. Good point. He should smash to the point to the opponent where limit opponent be able to do such drive. also it is easier for you to take cross drive then straight drive. If you worry about the cross drive so you stand centre then it will be even more difficult to take it. Lee

  17. So should I stand in the center?
    In my area, players are taught to drive smashes whenever possible so even though that isn't the absolutely correct way of playing, I tend to face opponents who do so. And of course, since I'm not a professional, my partner and I can't make sure that our smashes can't be drive back.
    So currently, when I'm in the back smashing, he is able to cut off drives, but when I'm in the front, the drive returns pass me easily and he gets in trouble.

  18. Your partnmer should smash the area which not allow your opponent to drive it. You shuld stand a bit same side as where shuttlecock went. and stay net too close to the net as you would not have time to react fast. Lee

  19. i have learn alot from you coach lee!!! thank you for the the insights to the game…i watch all your videos over and over so that i can hopefully put into my game all your pointers….winner for life !!!

  20. I am very please to know that you are watching all my clips. i very much hope my clips help you to improve. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  21. I am very pleased to know that you are viewing these clips and making improvement. I will put your request on my list and will be doing them soon. Thank you for asking. Lee

  22. thanks coach lee, that a very good tips to me. by the way, you look like [email protected] gangnam style.. lol.

  23. Am I? Shall I make a dancing hbadminton clip? Yes I do like him and like the song. I like your comment. Thank you. Lee

  24. i would like to see that

  25. coach, thank you for the very good tips. I hope you can come to the Philippines and teach us badminton. the sport is gaining momentum in my country nowadays.

  26. Sure, I also would like to visit there in the near future. Lets hope that we may be able to meet on court in the future. Lee

  27. Oh my gosh! That would be awesome! I'll do my best coach! Keep up the good work!

  28. Thank you and I wish you very good luck. Lee

  29. Thank you so much coach Lee. I'd like to say that your lessons are very captivating. Unlike other online courses where the teachers are always using the same tonality and don't communicate their passion of the sport, you are showing a lot of enthusiasm and passion and it's contagious. I also think that when you give philosophical advices on how to approach this sport, it can also be applied to other things in life. Thank you!

  30. Thank you very much for your kind comment. I am very pleased to see the points I am making. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  31. Thank you so much …its very informative and i've been improving a lot since im following your interesting and precious advice….keep it up 🙂

  32. Jeremy, thank you very much for your comment, I am very pleased to know. I shall continue. Lee

  33. Yes you are right and I am sorry. I have planed and just things are not ready yet. Lee

  34. Hi Coach Lee, Can I use this attack at opponent's service?



  35. Yes you can but you will need very fast reaction. Lee

  36. thanks for the video , this has been very helpful 🙂 

  37. thanx a llot lee

  38. A very good coach actually….all your videos are helpful.

  39. Lee you are great! Very good coach! Bravo and thank you:)

  40. Hi coach Lee, your tips are amazing and very helpful. 
    My partner and I made it on our school team. I play front often now, but I find that getting the fast shots near the net can be hard.
    Is it POSSIBLE to return a net kill? Or are net kills called "kills" because they're impossible to return? How can we prevent the opponent from killing the shot? 
    Thanks 🙂

  41. Nice reasoning and demonstration!

  42. very Nice videos..I never learned badminton professionally..But these videos helped me to improve my badminton skill very much..Thank you so much Lee..

  43. hey lee tell me how to smash powerfully

  44. Your advise of pointing the racquet to the shuttlecock is extremely valuable and a great mistake I had been making for so long.

    Can't wait to try this. Thanks Lee again!

  45. Lee sir, can u send me your badminton coaching vedio s.

  46. Thank you coach, really playing positive net play after watching this coaching video, my partner really happy with me nowadays

  47. Do you still give coaching to all ?

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