Badminton: Follow Lee (2) The Net Kill 2-7(Homework)

Badminton: Follow Lee (2) The Net Kill 2-7(Homework) Follow Lee – Lesson 1-7 The Net Kill (The homework) I am giving you the training program from today for the next 6 days 1 day rest so I expect you to do it and do it more least everything but not less when you practice this one I would like you to have the positive attitude I don’t like to hear players saying to me ok I will do my best to me who ever say that 20% they already failed what happens if out there every body till here your best is here, are you happy with your best or you bring world to your level or are you ready to extend your best reagardless to meet what is out there don’t say to me I will do my best I don’t care what is your best do it or don’t even start I will give you example if your father or your kids in the water drowning in the lake, would you say to them father wait I will do my best to rescue son wait I will do my best to save you would you word best in that kind of situation there is no such thing as best I don’t know your best no body knows about your best more importantly you don’t know your best because you are not limited, you are unlimited depending on how hungry, what desire you have Do 50 sit up x 5 sets every day 10 straight, 10 cross do 50 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 stop who ever standing here to holding if you don’t have a partner you can put your legs your feet under the sofa, you can do it by your self but when you count for him count like this second 10 turn 1 2 3 like that power, not 1 2 3 4 5 ya looking some where 6 some body is walking there 7 there is no keen feeling ok you are training 50 common James do 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 power 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 50 stop ok stand up ok second set ready ready go 1 2 3 4 touch ear 5 6 7 8 9 twist 1 power 2 imagine smash smash ya use your body power 8 9 10 straight 1 20 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 30 like that count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 20 9 30 9 40 9 50 not 11 12 30 31 32 33 41 42 no like that its too big too long ok common last 10 40 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 50 hands ok and switch when you do by your self do walk around for 2 minutes and do it again when you do it same, don’t just use your muscle link with something, when you smash you are using your body when you twist, smash, smash rather than 1 2 3 put meaning to it life is too short just doing that Do it 50 x 5 sets everyday do this one 50 x 5 sets ha, I heard you said oh my God I want to hear from you yes Lee I will do it ok Lee I will do my best – forget who ever say best they already failed ok 50 ok go count 1 you count 2 louder 3 4 watch the opponent 6 7 8 9 10 stop ok earlier I mentioned about connection when you do it this one I don’t have connection I don’t have reason 1 2 3 ya no connection why I do it because I have reason, I want to beat the player by when I want to be reaching some where there is reason so look, set your mind 1 2 3 4 push 5 push like that there is a reason not 1 2 3 no like that ok common go 1 2 ya say when you are going up 4 5 6 7 8 9 try to make harder 10 by going little bit deeper 1 and then up 2 3 yes like that 4 6 7 8 you say 20 9 20 common keep going 30 more 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 James has got reason, he has got desire I hope you will see what his desire in next 4-5 years 7 8 9 30 go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 50 ok thank you well done I expect the program follow Lee I expect you to do all the program you might say Lee I can’t do 6 days because I have party I have meetings, blah, blah, blah but if you have will, I know you will find time, you will find space you can do it in the kitchen, you can do it in the living room you can do it anywhere, you can do it in the garden its question of how hungry you want to do it there are 2 different kind of players lets say in any exercise, in any training there is time players hit the lead level, I call it lead level or I call it dead point player can’t do it any more because the physical get too tired so lets say he is doing 50 never done it before he had done 35 35 36 and then he is getting tired and he is saying 41 42 43 44 45 so he is loosing against the harder training the amount of work volume is beating him he is loosing to it I want the player using his will power, will energy after he used all the physical energy lets say he has never done it before, but he don’t want to loose to anything even against the work so 35 he is really tired 40 he can’t do any more but he do 41 42 43 44 ya, even the last 10 he made the best quality because of the challenge that is the quality I am looking for that is the quality I want you to have if you can do that, you will be doing this way in every matter in your life Change Grip Practice change grip practice, ok you can stand or you can sit you can sit sofa, chair any where, just practice this ok ready ready grip Do it Forehand 10×5 sets, Backhand 10×5 sets Both sides 10×5 sets, everyday 1 2 ready change grip hit ready come back ready, change grip hit ready so change grip practice 50 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 relax forehand ok do it 10×5 sets second set ready 1 2 3 10 rest do it again, 5 sets same now forehand ready 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 5 sets ok 5 sets there, 5 sets here now next one ready center 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ok so practice the changing grip, this is one of the harder technique to learn but without be able to change grip, your badminton will be limited ok so with the mindset, 5 more sets ready 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 wait 8 9 10 the first set do alternatively second, next 4 sets do it random like a game imagine imagine, be ready 1 ready 2 3 4 5 6 7 ya random, like match, 5 sets of 10 to make your finger flexible, sensible, try this one so you have to use your all fingers to develop your feelings so there Happy Badminton Everybody Lee Jae Bok

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  1. This is hardcore! 😀 Maybe I'm watching the videos too much and not practicing…

  2. Ok I will try enxt time on Foolow Lee (2)

  3. It will be done this week. Thanks. Lee

  4. you're simply great Lee, thanks very much! Your love of badminton and your support and also push for other badminton lovers is always an aspiration for lazy me. I came to realise that Will power is really the essence. Thanks again.

  5. Thank you and I am very pleased to know that you see the importance of the will power. Lee

  6. Thanks coach Lee for the wonderful lessons! You taught me a lot of things that my badminton coach at school have not taught me yet! Thank you!

  7. Hi there. Yes that happens if you have not training for sometime. Belive your self and continue hard training. You will do very well. Lee

  8. Sorry I could not. I have to try again next week as I will be away for a week coaching. Sorry to disapoint you but please wait one more week. Lee

  9. Sir Lee our hearts are indebted to your generousity to share with us which you have learned through years of experience. We feel so previledged to follow and implement the techniques and skill that you are imparting for the sheer love of the game.When there are other who would never open their mouth without paying some bucks.. the move that you have made for badminton enthusiast world over is remarkable. Thanks will be an understatement.

  10. Hello there, thank you very much for taking tile to post your kind comment on my coaching clips. i do appreciate it very much. Thank you. Lee

  11. Hello everybody specially coach "Sir Lee"…!!
    I am a medical student…..doing MBBS(bacholer of medicine and surgery)
    but also crazy for badminton.
    Sir i would like to know is there any way for me to be an international level player…..??
    i play badminton 3 hours daily……40 minutes running……and 1 hour gym exercises …it's my daily routine without any rest

  12. Hello there
    Follow Lee 2 is about smash defense. All about it. I finished a week coaching in abroad and I will do it during next 7 days. Soory it took longer then I planed.

  13. Hi there. Yes you can! But you have to work extremely hard. Anything is possible if you really want it and believe in it. Question is how badly you want it. If I were you I will get started from now on rather then leave it to tomorrow. Ofcourse it will be very hard as you are starting it very late but it does not mean not possible. Lee

  14. Hi Coach Lee, I am 20 years old, turning 21 in Dec. I dream of playing internationally and professionally but have I grown too old? I see that many professional players start winning tournaments when they are 15-19. I know badminton fairly well… even coached students. My problem is I need to loose my weight. I can get a clean cut body by the end of September by workout regimes. Should I put my hopes aside? I am asking you because you have played and won internationally and I respect you.

  15. Thanks a lot Sir…….!!!!
    Your coaching clips are very useful to me…..
    i am learning a lot from these clips…..!!
    i would like you to be my Coach…..!!!!
    Thanks Again… are doing great…..!!!! 🙂

  16. You can treat me as you online coach. You can view the clips and try to learn from it and question me if you face wall. There will be always a way if you look for. Lee

  17. Depending on the level of your desire. I am believer of that nothing is imposible. If you want badly you will find way to do it. The most important question you have ask to your self is "how much do I want it" do not start if you have anything more important then become a international player in your life. My final answer is "You can do it if can not find any meaning of your life if you dont do it' Lee

  18. Yes, I also follow your mentality that nothing is impossible. But, like modeling has a height requirement, wouldn't badminton have an age requirement. I see that many badminton players start to lose their physical strength on the court in their early 30's or late 20's and I just wanted to know if coaches put an age requirement.

  19. Of course early is better but that does not mean its not possible if you start late. Lee

  20. Hello Mr. Lee
    I am 16, and playing badminton from quite some years now .
    I have never played professionally or taken any coaching of any sort.
    Last week my school selected me to represent to represent my school in our zonals i have reached the finals , there are player far better than me …I really want to pursue badminton as i have recently realisd it .. I really respect you and want to ask you " Do you think that it is too late for me to start of as a badminton player?" please answer frankly

  21. Hi. I am answering your question from my heart. You are not late, you can be a very good professional badminton player. The important question you have to ask is is that what you really love to do? Are you ready to do the training more and better then anybody else to meet your dream. All of us have ability to meet our dream but some do and some do not because of there effort and believe for it. Please view the clips of "Lee's stories for players". Lee

  22. Respected Sir,

    I would like become a Badminton Coach, Is it important for me to be a good player to become a good coach? What is important for me to become a Coach, I teach kids below the age of 15 years. Your suggestion will make a huge impact on these kids.


  23. Thank you for your question. Yes it will help to be a good player to be a good coach. But same time I must say that not all the good players are good coaches nor the player who have less badminton playing back ground are bad coaches. You will be a good coach I think if you have love and care of your players and you are dedicated to help your players not only on how to hit shuttlecock but also be able to teach how to respect others. Lee

  24. Mr. Lee, is it a must to do these exercises 6 time a week? should i wait for my thigh muscles to recover first? This is because the next day after doing these drills, my thigh muscles is killing me (muscle sore). And, what are these drills for? Is it just for only netkills?

    p.s. I love this video and pls answer my question. 🙂

  25. If you do six times a week you get better and stronger sooner then you do it three times a week. It is not only for net kill, it is for your badminton in general. Thank you for your coment on my clips. Lee

  26. u r the best teacher i'v ever seen.

  27. Thank you for your kind comment. Lee

  28. plz give me the version of this video which has English

  29. Soon the subtitles will be added. Sorry for disapointing you. Please give some more time. Lee

  30. I think, there are no subtitles needed, as you can clearly understand everything which is provided.
    Anyway, this is one of the best mindsets for competitive playing and should be recognised by many many. In addition to a good workout, of course! Keep up the good work, Coach!

  31. Thank you very much for your kind comment on this clip. Sure, I shall continue. Lee

  32. Thank you for your kind comment on my clips. Please make following point perfect first. 1. Impact point should be in front of your body. 2. be able to use your wrist. 3. step/footwork have to be right. 4.and also learn all other points I made in my samsh clips. After that you can use racket head cover or squash rackets. Give some time and effort then it will get stronger. Lee

  33. Hi couch Lee, I loved your videos, I feel that I really learned a lot from it:) I just started with badminton for fun, though I still wanna improve and get better every time I play. I have one question though, as I am a player of other racket sport – table tennis, can this type of exercise you recommend, actually hurt my game in other ball sports? Thank you very much

  34. I do not think so. You can switch one to another if you are good. if you both sports you should enjoy both nof them. I think you are good at both and be able to switch one to another with out much problem. Lee

  35. I have done this training everyday in a week now, should I continue or was it just a homework for one week?

  36. You can increase the volume and intensity and if you are becoming really good then you should change to other items. Lee

  37. But is this a one week training only? Or should I continue everyday further?

  38. You can do it everyday further. Lee

  39. Thanks coach! 🙂

  40. You are very welcome. Lee

  41. .coach Lee, i'm from Philippines. I just want to say Thank you because your videos are very helpful to me and to my players.. Thanks a Lot coach.. Keep it up!

  42. Thank you very much for informing me that. I am delighted to know and I shall continue to do. Lee

  43. Sir i use to watch ur train? m olso playing badminton sine 7years,but now i have heel pain,can't play can u give me some tips pls

  44. I am very sorry to hear that. I also have had same problem like you have. You have to rest and same time train senseably. There is no magic way to recover. Or see doctor. I am sorry that am being not very helpful. Lee

  45. You are amazing trainer! your words produces urge to win and produce a real winner out of ordinary player! Hats off for you!

  46. Thank you very much for your kind comment on my coaching. Hats off for you too. Lee

  47. If it's for me to become a good player then "I will do it!!"

  48. You are welcome. Lee

  49. Thanks Coach Lee this training will be useful for me

  50. Thank you too and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  51. Thankyou very much Sir, its very motivational and your comments regarding "do my best" were awesome.. love it 🙂

  52. You are most welcome and I am pleased to know you like it. Lee

  53. Thank you sir it helped me a lot to improve ma Badminton techniques…..

  54. I am very pleased to know and thank you for sharing it with me. Lee

  55. THanks Coach Lee .. This is the best way to improve my play ..

  56. You are very welcome and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  57. Omg the "don't tell me you ill try your best" at beginning hit home so much with me…Iv been watching all your videos continuously for years now easily the best out there, inspires me to coach badminton after uni, cnt wait to buy your dvds come January. *im certain I saw them on your website, jus been short of money…lifelong subscriber here 🙂 keep it up lee your amazing for those that are enthusiastic about the sport.

  58. I will definitely do all of these whatever happens, Lee!

  59. I will definitely do all of these whatever happens, Lee!

  60. Hello Lee, I have a question about string tension. I am an intermediate player who uses a "flexible" racquet with 22 pounds of string tension. I want to get a stiffer racquet because I have become more powerful, but I don't want to sprain my wrist or shoulder with a stiff racquet. Should I use a lower string tension accordingly to counter act the stiffness?

  61. you are amazing coach,tech them full of spirit…im learning how to smash the right way from ur video..thanks lee

  62. Hello Lee, I play ping pong, tennis and volleyball. I am badminton beginner. Thank you for your videos. You are amazing coach. Every single word what you are saying is valuable.

  63. Sir You are a Great Master If i want to join you academy is it possible

  64. Coach Lee, I have a question. Can I change from sitting up to crunches instead? I always have a problem with my lower back. When I do sit up my lower spine touches the floor and it gets hurt. (Even I do it on the mat it still hurt)

  65. sir i am 13 years old can i do it

  66. Your Videos are very useful and helpful, thank You!

  67. Hello Coach Lee,

    would it make sense to use a racket head cover on the racket while doing the gripchange-exercise to practice to generate power? Or would that be to hard for the wrist / underarm and could do harm in any way?


  69. Lee sir ur an excellent coach and very inspirational to new badminton players and ur just amazing player by urself. (From India )

  70. I couldn’t agree with you more on a player’s attitude. What you are saying of course will only ever be true for probably only 0.01% of the population, but for those who is sincere about achieving the outcome they truly desire. Perhaps that is why so many people don’t even start because they don’t want success in whatever they say they want. I try to encourage others locally to learn the skills you teach but most people except 1 or 2 want to improve but don’t want to learn and train properly. I think this is true for everything that we do in life.

  71. Oh, always really love your mimic of someone who is apathetic (sloppy) with the counting! The “don’t know and don’t care” and “why do I bother” attitude. What’s strange is, the slightly better players often do this (coz they think they are better than everyone else)! But they will never be great, just stuck at better than average.

  72. The practice of rotating the stick shaft is pure genius! I've been playing for over 25 years now and I just realized my fingers are still so inflexible. No wonder I'm having a hard time changing grips. I'm going to practice this everyday. Hope I can get them to be as nimble as yours. Thanks so much coach!

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