When i go to this corner, i do a directional split step. Right foot behind me left in front. Like that! Then i push with my right foot: A big lunge towards the corner Just like this When i reach the corner I push back with my right foot. Or I can pull my left foot a bit towards the right foot And push back – followed by a jump to the middle. To the front forehand corner I start by doing a directional split step – left behind me right in front Then i push with my left foot Then i am crossing the left foot over the right foot – just like this Then i lunge with my right foot towards the corner Like that And for getting back, i will pull my right foot behind I am just doing the same thing. I am just reversing this movement. I pull my right foot behind my left foot And jump to the middle

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  1. Thanks a lot for tuning in everyone. If you have any questions please put them below this comment! Then we will reply immediately! 🙂

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    BadmintonExercises – Sofie and Mads

  2. Hi Sofie and Mads! Thanks for the footwork reminder! Cheers!

  3. As always another great content guyz☺❤

  4. Thanks this is what i needed

  5. Next video about back court footwork. Because i have a problem on my footwork from front court to the back court. I can't move and reach the shuttle at the highest point cause my footwork just too slow. I hope you'll continue making some more advanced footwork tutorial. Keep it up ??

  6. How can u know which corner u're getting shuttle. I've suffered with that kind of footwork. U're doing good but plzz try to show the basic footwork with less efforts????

  7. Some coaches told me to chasse back towards middle but some coaches did the same steps as yours.
    I am confused, which one is better in terms of speed and efficiency?

  8. That looks good on a video but when u're playing in real then…..??

  9. Angle of foot while approaching the corner isn't correct. It is going outwards from heel. Hitting point, toe and heel must be collinear to prevent ankle twist and for stability.

  10. pls about lin dan's back lift trick shot (his signature shot). pls tutorial

  11. Nice song. It sounds like deadmau5. What is it?

  12. Simple yet elegant and certainly very important ??

  13. Good video explaining the footwork.?? You make it look simple, when I've seen other coaches complicate things.

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