Badminton Footwork – Back Court Footwork – HINDI Badminton Training

Badminton Footwork – Back Court Footwork – HINDI Badminton Training

If you are left handed, please watch this video in a mirror Let me show you the defensive forehand footwork Notice that when I land ,I will not bring my right leg ahead. In the Offensive Footwork,I will bring the right leg ahead when I land By doing this,you can hit a powerful shot and your speed also increases Now let me show you the overhead footwork The backhand footwork is as follows You should prefer to hit an overhead instead of a backhand. because,when you hit a backhand you cannot see the opponent as your back is turned When your opponent is just about to hit his stroke you should make a small jump like this By doing this your reaction time will improve When you are at the center in a ready position keep your right leg slightly ahead In the next video ,we will learn a few drills to improve your footwork

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