Badminton Footwork – Front Court Footwork – Improve Movement Speed

Badminton Footwork – Front Court Footwork – Improve Movement Speed

Today we will learn the front court footwork Backhand footwork is the same When you hit the shuttle in the front court, always put your right leg ahead Footwork steps are not always fixed Footwork depends on your position on the court Let’s learn how strafing is done Kids are not as tall as adults That is why they will require 3 steps instead of two Kids should first put the right leg then the left leg and finally the right leg again When you practice the footwork always keep the racket high. Your toe should point in the direction you are heading Just watching this video will not help you Practicing the footwork everyday is very important

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  1. very informative video thanks could you please make a video on arm rotation i.e. pronation

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  13. Can u plss post a video for increasing speed and using strategies for a State player!!!

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