Badminton footwork-Lesson 7 Is the step one timing all same?

Badminton footwork-Lesson 7  Is the step one timing all same?

Course 1. What is the “Step One” Lesson 7. Is the “Step One” timing all the same? Okay. Smash. 1 2 When he is he about to hit I go up a little bit. I am in the air. 1 2 3 4 I have a very little time to act. Therefore I should be in the air already when he is hitting. You

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  1. Mr.lee,can you make a video about "how to jump smash"? I want to learn jump smash

  2. Best coach in world

  3. Thank you very much sir. Now I understand why I haven't been able to move well ,even after doing step 1 .thanks for all the step 1 lessons sir

  4. That is very useful lesson coach…

  5. sir how to jump smash???

  6. Coach Lee, you are a total boon for me and I'm sure for many people like me too. Your video clips have helped me a lot. But there's still something I'm going to trouble you with. It's that when I hate machine sometime this match go perfectly with speed Precision and placement but sometime it goes with less speed less Precision and angle is very large show the Smash goes all the way outside the court so I just want to ask you what should be the connecting point of maths how far from the body how high in the air if you would just clear that that would help me a lot, thanks.
    India ??☺️

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