Badminton Footwork Practice (1) How to Master the Most Important Badminton Step “STEP ONE”

Badminton Footwork Practice (1) How to Master the Most Important Badminton Step “STEP ONE”

This is good practice to learn the first step one the starting step, this is good practice for the player aware of the importance of step one the starting step the person who is doing it must say 1, when he is doing the step one ok, so James, so you move when I told any where you do one and then stop ok 1 1 1 1 ok, so practice this one so without this one what happens move dont do one, no like this so he must do two step landing together 1 do again 1 1 1 1 1 1 ok, say one 1 louder 1 1 ok, next practice is one and then go and hit it ok, you must say 1 and then you have to go move 1 1 ya, move little bit 1 1 excellent, one more 1 1 and go, ok be 1 clear powerful go 1 1 more 1 1 yes 1 yup, well done 1 1 1 one more

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  1. Coach, is it necessary to perform the jump step that high? I know that it is a vital step, but when I compare this to someone who plays professionally they do not exaggerate the jump step like this. In no way am I criticizing your coaching ability… in fact I watch a lot of your videos to improve. I have been coached for 5 years and I have coached students for 2-3 years.

  2. You are perfectly right. I made clip in this way to aiming to the players or coaches who have never thought about this step. So I have to choose the way to make crystal clear what this is. Yes you do not have to jump that high and there are many times the jump before the step one is very small so people even can not see they are doing. As you have much experience, you can modify in many different ways as long as the logic is there. Thank you for asking so I can make it clear to other viewers.Lee

  3. Hi Mr. Lee.. Thanks again for your wonderful videos. I would like to ask whether it's possible to train with friends solely based on your DVDs or it's a must to get a coach at some point?

    is it possible to purchase your DVD and download it instead of shipping it?

  4. If you have experienced coach then it would be better. It does not mean you can not training with your friends. If you have someone like you want to improve then work together it can be also very good. i believe that there is always way to meet your desire if you have the "will". Lee

  5. Lee- u r really awesome.. Thanks for d videos.. They r very helpful…

  6. Thank you very much for your comment and I am happy to know you like it. Lee

  7. Well, I think it just to show how it's done. Actually Lee Choong Wei does the high passive jump too if you watch his game.

  8. the girl is hot…

  9. Thank you Coach Lee. Since I incorporated the " ONE" I've significantly improved my movement on court. I no longer feel "glued" to the court.

  10. I am so pleased to know you feel the benefits of step one. Thank you for posting your comment on this. Lee

  11. hai Coach Lee, your training guide is very helpful indeed. i am also sometimes glued when playing, as i was watching the footwork Step 1, before say 1, your students keeps his foot on the move before he jumps to step 1. I tried it,and my legs tiring . is it my lack of practise to strenghten my foot.

  12. It may be the way you move. It should not make your feet too tired. You should not move your feet too fast or too much. Just a little bit to make your step one on time and sharp. Lee

  13. Hi Coach Lee… Thanks for sharing this video. Actually, this pre-load step is quite common also for tennis and it is called "split step" or "step zero" or "initial step".
    I have been practicing this split step and I feel that it helps to increase my cautiousness in receiving the opponent's shot.
    However, I still have some difficulties to do it at the correct timing. Sometimes I do it a bit too late so when the shuttle is shot, I am still off the ground and it causes my posture unbalanced and could not execute the following steps properly to retrieve the shuttle. On the other side, when I do it too early, it becomes ineffective.
    Is there any way that I can do to avoid the timing problem so I can plant the split step exactly when the shuttle is hit by the opponent and do that constantly during the rallies ? Does half-court single help me to adjust the rhythm ?

  14. Hi Coach Lee, I have a quick question regarding foot position after the step one into rear forehand corner… After the split step (step one) when I was coached I was told to mainly keep my racket foot forward when moving into this corner, however in this video and the first video in the playlist it shows the players splitting into a position with their non-racket foot forward and moving… Which method is correct?

  15. lee..i have been following your videos for a while now.. my doubt is.. when will we do the first it 1)when opponent strikes the cock  2) cock is in mid air after opponent hit it..or 3)is it when opponent goint to make the hit?? plz answer this

  16. Hi coach Lee,

    my foot step is horrible, everytimes i saw the video, it seem very easy to do it, but when in match, i totally unable to do the step one.
    May i know i can do this practice alone without people pointing direction?
    and need how long to master it if i do it daily ?

  17. i realize that the right handed player to front right need 2 step but left front only 1 step. why left side is closer. could coach Lee explain about this.

  18. Hi,Mr. Lee where is your coaching school. I really wana take your class. Please let me know . Thank you

  19. Hi coach Lee, in doubles while playing net shot, does the player in front need the initial jump?

  20. Hi Mr lee.My name is Adil. I am right handed. when i retreat the shuttle in a pressured situation from the forhand side of a drop and then try to get back to the center-and even i stop just before the opponent does his shot i have difficulties to get again to a disguised drop which again is pointed at the forhand side behind the net. In that sitaution i easily get to the backhand to retreat  a drop shot, or to retreat clears from any side. But getting easily back to this forehand corner is where i really get trapped. Do u have any hints. Thank u !!

  21. sir iam little fat but i play good badminton  iam having my competitions after two months can you give me some tips to cover court

  22. Thanks coach Lee for the really helping videos .It improves my badminton a lot

  23. Sir my Jump Smashes quite slower how can improve it ??

  24. Sir you are my role model

  25. this is also called Split step fight Lee? I've been conditioming and my calves and gastrocnemius has been sore and hurts. when I do this, it feels sore and sort of hurts. Any advice or would I need to be doing more cardo and leg lifting? also do I do this for smash defence or just every time an opponent makes a shot? thanks Lee!

  26. its kind of hard to spot players hop step / step one in actual video play… but they must do it, just too fast to see? trying to incorporate step one into my game….. thanks coach

  27. hi sir, i have a problem that i stuck in position and some times could not get to the next shot in time, what exersice i should do for this?

  28. Killer video man, really valuable and cool stuff, keep up the good work. I have a channel that might be able to help you out if you are interested in mixing and mastering. Have a good one mate! 🙂

  29. great new steps to learn

  30. hi Mr lee sir,
    can u suggest the videos for 8 yrs old kid.
    he is playing since one year
    where should he focus first.

  31. hi
    Is there any collection of videos according to age group.

  32. Coach Lee please show us a detailed split step in action.Thanks a lot sir even I always feel that I am running unnecessarily in court.Will try this sir.

  33. hi coach lee love your video on footwork work… how can I cure pain on the bone below my knees

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