Badminton Footwork Practice (2) Advanced and Demanding Practice for the “Step One”

Badminton Footwork Practice (2) Advanced and Demanding Practice for the “Step One”

This one also good for practising the first step a little bit more demanding and advanced the person pointing has to point well in good time when he is in the air, this person should point go 1 yup 1 1 1 very good 1 1 1 one more 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

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  1. Thank you Lee…this is the very important footwork movement…club player need to understand and practice. Hopefully all my club member will be participate with this series of footwork training…

  2. Thank you very much for your comment and am very pleased to know you see the benefit of these clips. Lee

  3. Goo question, bending is to develop the leg strength and make them bit of jump is to make them to be 100% nutural and be able to push off(developing fast and strong power of push off) If this is not clear then please come back to me. Lee

  4. this is gold………………………..

  5. Hi LJB, this is José. First of all thank you a lot again for sharing your videos with us. I am practicing everyday (7 days a week) your footwork videos with a metronome set at 80bpm in 4/4 starting step one just after the 1st click sound to really imagine that the oponent is hitting the shuttlecock. I practice for 5 minutes without stopping each corner and i have done the 4 and 5 step footwork to the net in both sides, to the left and right sides and the 7 and 6 step to the rear in both sides.

  6. But you said there are 5 different types of movements on each corner depending on the situations. Can you tell us what are those movements to practice them all? Do you believe that using a metronome as i do is an usefull tool? Do you think there are better ways to do so? You cannot imagine how hungry i am , i am sure that i am your perfect student and i dream everyday to be in UK to train with you, but i'm from Chile. I'm 20years old and i play since 13. See you, You really ROX!

  7. Hello Jose. Yes using metronome is a very good idea.
    I can feel how hungry you are and I can also imagine the way, passion, desire in your training. I will try to make more clips for it rather then explain by words as it may missleading. It would be very important you meet me as soon as possible. If you would like to do something in badminton, I think you are then find way to see me sooner then later. I would be very happy to help. There must be way find the way to see me. use my web site email.

  8. Bending the knees and making push ups using feet take a lot of strength and muscle power. If it is nor practised properly, one might injure themselves. Your students can effortlessly do all those movements. I am impressed.

  9. Thank you for your kind words. Lee

  10. Coach Lee, do you have any video is showing 2 step foward and 2 step backward? which is move deeper to the front and deeper to end of the court.

    thanks in advance

  11. when I push off ,my foot tube is painful. How to solve this problem ?

  12. I notice that the girl doing the demo AND many professional players ‘drag along the side of her feet almost the toe’ on the last step…Is this the proper way to do it or its personal habit / preference? I am curious to know if it helps recovery time.

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