Badminton Footwork: Right Step and Wrong Step (part 1)

Badminton Footwork: Right Step and Wrong Step (part 1) presents Right Step and Wrong Step Part I 8 or 9 out of 10 club players think this kind of movement is right have a look this is base shuttle comes to the net you might move 1 2 3 4 backhand 1 2 3 4 what is wrong with it but in the real badminton terms this kind of move does not exist because this is not possible to move like that in the real match it has to be done that way because I don’t know where shuttle will go I have to see it and then push off but once you move like that you cannot change but when you land like this you will be able to move all different directions See more Badminton Videos at

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  1. that move at 0:48 its not seeing the direction of the shuttlecock, its about opening our legs to get to a ready position to move

  2. nice little tip!

  3. I suppose too. Very good trip I saw many coaches teach to move un-gripped leg first, and that cannot be possible in real play.Thank very much Lee.

  4. nic coaching steps

  5. Sir Please recommend a video on Purchasing a rackets
    and please recommend me a racket, i am Indian and i dont have more money so
    i want Affordable and more durable rackets so please sir
    thank you

  6. can you tell me where you got your shorts from

  7. Hi Coach, Need to improve on 2 items immediately. 1) Drive wars down my backhand which the opponent exploits as I have to get into forehand to keep pace. Backhand is sort of weak or my footwork is not good 2) Lifting back the shuttle when opponent smashes. I have high powered glasses with astigmatism. I see the shuttle very late. To add to the misery the placeI play has white background. Contact Lens dont work really well because of astigmatism. Any solutions?

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