Badminton-Footwork Skill (1) How to Start from the Base

Badminton-Footwork Skill (1) How to Start from the Base

To me this is one of the most important step in badminton. Ok, lets say I am standing here I am waiting for my opponent to hit until my opponent hit shuttle cock I have no idea and after he hits I have to respond it in short space of time there fore I have to have step to push my body off to the shuttle cock as fast as possible, which is this step. so, waiting here shuttle been hit there then do that, ok. Shuttle goes there and move ready, move. side 1 2 3 4 ready backhand look, this step allows you to push off in all different directions. so lets say here 1 net kill, 1 tap, 1 2 3 1 2 , 1 2 3 but if I don’t do that step compare, 1 2 , 1 2, 1 2 3 I can’t get to the shuttle fast. because I already start from the floor my opponent can deceive me. but if you do that unlikely you will be caught by the opponent. James training with me for 3 years, and this is one of the element he has been training on that. ok ready gently move, try to push off ready, go, 1 2 3 go yes same, go yup one more go every time he move to the corner, the first step he is doing is this. ok, now same without first step ok, no first step go go haha, he did it go yes, as you see it after I say go he can’t go because he can’t push off many club players are doing this step so, if you are training this way of movement you are missing the most important element in badminton movement. now compare again, move go go yes go now same at the net ready go yup go very good backhand, go yup go ok, same does not matter which corner you are moving to the first step you have to do is that that, that, there, there, there, this this is the first step in badminton, singles, doubles, mixed doubles does not matter. ok now one more no starter step just go go without first step he will try to get there faster, he can’t, can’t now compare, please go yup go now without first step go yes, see ok thank you so, if you are not doing this first step it looks like you are starting the car with gear number 3 gear number 3 takes too long to get started. this step is gear number 1 in when you are driving a car so, remember hold it, shuttle goes there don’t go shuttle goes do this surprisingly you will find out, you will get to the shuttle much quicker

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  1. Hi Mr Lee. Ive been playing for about 5 years. I have improved a lot since I started by watching your videos and professional players. But now I feel like I can't improve further without the help from an experienced coach who can personally watch me play.
    I really want to attend your summer training camp but I can only attend for one day because hotel cost is too expensive. Also, If I upload a video here, is it possible for you to analyse my game and suggest what I should focus on improving?

  2. Ok sure let me see your match play clips. Lee

  3. Hi Coach Lee. I am a singles player and I find that I have a hard time returnig a flick serve during a match. I can easily return a long serve but, some of my opponents use the flick serve. I find it puts me off my game. What could I do to better return and anticipate a low flick serve in singles.
    Thank you.

  4. 1. move your base one step backward 2. Put your racket higher then normally you do 3. try to make your hitting action shorter and compacter. In this way you can limit your opponent's benefit from flick service. There is always ways to limit what your opponent is doing to you. You have to look for it possitively. Try them and please let me know how you got on. Lee

  5. Dear Coach,
    I tried the split step in doubles game. Say for example my partner is serving. The moment the opponent prepares to make a shot I do a split . I feel I got slow and decieved by many of the returns. Not sure whats going wrong. Please help. The opponent changes the racket direction at last moment and split is not helping my cause. I am sure something wrong with my technique

  6. Hi, try this. 1. your focus is doing the step one rather then the shuttlecock 2. The timing of you doing the step one may not right(too fast or too slow) Forget about the step one, just totally focus the shuttlecock then the step one. Try to it when you are playing with weaker opponent. The reason you are doing step one is not to be decieved by your opponent. Please you must continue try soon you will find out why it is so important to do. Do it with total believe and possitiveness. Lee

  7. Thanks a lot coach. Will give it a try. Your inputs are so very welcome. I am sure I will emerge a better player if you continue to guide me. Just one more thing. I was reading about your story. I feel the same passion for the game as you do. Just addicted to it. I cant become a professional at this age(though I wanted I was one), but will like to play and may be coach people some day. Have a great day sir…

  8. Thank you for your kind words on my work. We all could be happy to the things we love. Badminton has been the one for me and I am very lucky to start to play badminton and be able to share my badminton with someone like you. Lee

  9. Thank you so much for all your videos coach Lee. Your passion and respect for the game clearly tells what kind of person you really are. I so wish I living close to where you are so I could attend your camps. Thank you again coach.

  10. Thank you very much for your kind words and I am very pleased to know my clips are beneficial to you. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  11. Thank you, it helped a lot!!

  12. Thank you for letting me know and am very pleased to know. Lee


  14. I am so pleased to see you feel such way about this clip. I also agree with you. Without this step one the real badminton will not be able to played. Thank you. Lee

  15. Thanks for this video. I'm having a lot of trouble trying to keep up with the game speed, finding it quite hard to make a quick response. I feel like that I know where I'm suppose to go and how to get there, but cannot react quick enough. I tried this technique and it works! Except I'm having trouble with blisters, probably due to my shoes size [time for some shopping 🙂 ]

  16. Thank you for letting me know it worked for you and I am very pleased.
    Keep try and it will be your second nature and be able to do it automatically. Lee

  17. Thank you guys you have really helped my footwork get better

  18. I am very pleased to know and thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  19. Большое спасибо за очень хороший урок!

  20. You are very welcome. Lee

  21. Thanks, you are my virtual coach!

  22. The gear analogy nailed the point…

  23. Thank you very much. Lee

  24. Thanks, for your explaniation about smash skill,you inspire me how to good play badminton.

  25. You are very welcome and I am very pleased to know. Thank you too. Lee

  26. Thanks you sir for sharing, you have helped me improved my game with your selfless sharing videos. I would like to have your opinion on if it is true that its better to have our right feet (for right hander) slight in front in the ready step if we are expecting drop or clear. The theory is that we can move quicker front and back with this step and we can ready our feet in horizontal way as its better to move left or right (ie defending smash in singles) ?

  27. I do understand your point. My answer is yes and no. There is time to put your right foort and there is time to put your left foot. The theory is rght. That is good way to do it if you play in doubles and you are side by side and opponent is about to attack. But if you play single then it is different. I am going to make clip on these foot position as it is very important.

  28. Thanks a lot for your reply, I 100% agree on what you said about the situations in doubles and singles. I'm very looking forward for your next clips, it had been awhile since your last clip : ) you has been such a inspiration to many player.

  29. Thank you very much for your kind comment and I am very pleased to know. Yes I will upload more clips soon. Lee

  30. Split steps look nice but just take too much time…

  31. Hi lee…tell me some exercises for improving wrist power…..and backhand

  32. Dear Coach Lee, I believe what you're showing is the split step. Now for the timing I heard that it is supposed to be done when your opponents contact the shuttle? But after carefully analyzing Lin Dan's and Chen Long's video, their split step is done slightly after the shuttle is being struck. Is this cause of human error where by the game play is so fast that its nearly impossible to time the split step when the shuttle is being hit? Or have I gotten it wrong all along and it should be done after the shuttle is being played. This is one matter bothering me. Looking forward to your advice. =)

  33. Great video but too much echo

  34. Hi coach lee, I noticed you say when the shuttle is hit then you do the split step and move off..Now won't you be a bit slow say a second late in reaching the shuttle? I noticed some players doing a small hop just before the opponent hits the shuttle and they time it perfectly such that they land nicely when the opponent contacts the shuttle and can immediately move off. 
    I would also like to ask how high should this hop be? Some players like eg. Singapore's derek wong, hops quite high before the opponent hits the shuttle such that he lands nicely when the opponents contacts it. While players like Lindan and LCW dont hop but widen their base and move off immediately after the shuttle has been played. 

  35. Dear Coach Lee, I just begun playing badminton (I'm from Switzerland) and your Videos are very helpful! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us! Best wishes Katrin from Switzerland.

  36. Thanks Sir Lee. Your sessions are simply wonderful

  37. thank you those movements help alot

  38. Really helpful. I am going to try them today. I am sure I will see much improvement. Thank you. By the way, I am a beginner…

  39. Should I do the start step when I am near the net?

  40. This series of video are very helpful to me, Thanks.

    – Any other suggestion for those who usually fail to response deception properly ?

  41. sir thanks a lot I just started

  42. so we have to jump before every shot

  43. Sir,can you please upload a video of your match.I wanted to see the way you use your skills and the high you give to shots !! If you please sir ..

  44. Sir i have started playing badminton and now it has become my interest i really wish to become like u a very good player

  45. Coach Lee,
    Should I land on toes or heel or on both of those?
    And is it true that i should push with help of the toes and always stay on toes when moving to corners and during recovery?

  46. Very useful starting step!

  47. sir…. excellent online coaching…. thankyou so much … my daughter is playing under 10 in india … she is able to follow you becoz you explain in detail with child friendly example like karate , butterfly , games ……. god bless u…. keep serving the community

  48. Hi sir,
    Thank you for your explanation. I have understood the importance of step one. when i observed the footwork of international players in slow motion i have observed they all are doing first step but when the shuttle is touching opponent bat they are in air already and landed after the shuttle left the bat, which means they jumped before the contact is made. I am confused should I jump after the shuttle is touching the bat or should i jump before and when i am in air the shuttle should touch the opponent bat.

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