Badminton-Footwork Skill (13) Defence Step in Doubles (Attack from net)

Badminton-Footwork Skill (13) Defence Step in Doubles (Attack from net)

Now the steps for defencing opponents net attack, so defence ok, there will be normally 3 steps ready – hit – ready no recovery steps, because opponent is attacking from the net, the shuttle will come back much quicker so, I have to be ready immediately ok, ready down ready – hit, look – hit, some times use this one this one or some times use that one if shuttle comes faster then after ready this one needs to be used even defencing opponents net attack, there is always this one, starter step ok, watch this please 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2- 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2 hit harder 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2 look here, look here 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2 – 1 2 -1 2 – 1 2 have a look, this is wrong step, no one no step now right step

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  1. I do understand you question and also why you have that question. The reason why it is better to move step forward (right or left) are: 1. You can take shuttlecock earlier so you give less time to your opponent to reduce his options. 2. You will be able to make better shot with active movement rather then stay still. 3. You will be much faster to take next shot if you hit with a step forward as you are on the move rather then making shot with still posture. Of course you can not always….

  2. make a shot with a step forward but it is better to practice this way so when ever chance comes then you will be able to move step forward and attack actively. Please come back to me if you are not sure what I am saying. Lee

  3. I am pleased to know you could see the points I am making. If this is new to you, do not expect you do it tomorrow. you may have to put much practice and repeat many times to do it without thinking. I am sure you can do it and be able to feel the benefits. lee

  4. Coach Lee:
    You always emphasize the "posture". Must be a sport car rather then a double bus.
    So the step 1 is a process of "still" to "sport car". right?

  5. Yes you are right. The truth is you have see the shot before you move like a sport car and it is same as gear 1 to go fast. Yes if you have right posture 50percentage of your shot is already well prepared. Lee

  6. if i lift so high i think my fren is gonna smash that shuttle to my face..

  7. master lee, from what i see of your trainee (the chinese?) his first step is way too stiff. and it looks like he is exaggerating alot if compared to international players. Is this part of the conditioning exercise? i think his stiffness reduces the ability of being elastic and bouncy. instead hes using his calf muscles more to move

  8. What's the boy doing in the left?

  9. master lee, my partner and i and playing doubles but the problem is that im right handed and my partner is left. so every time we play, we dont know who will hit the birdy. please help!

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