Badminton-Footwork Skill (2) How to Stop

Badminton-Footwork Skill (2) How to Stop

Ok, now number 2 element in badminton movement is how to stop ok, there are 2 important things number 1 – the toe of your feet has to point to the shuttle cock can you give, pass me a shuttle cock please there lets say that’s the shuttle you are hitting then your toe when you are hitting should point to the shuttle cock that will give you much solid posture and balance but many players they do that way so toe is pointing there, this is dangerous for the knee ok in that way its solid and this way the knee can take the weight. but that one is dangerous. ok remember, no like this even this way is worse than this one because its opening your knee, this is very dangerous remember point ok, please come, can you hold it there ok, yup lower,lets say shuttle is there then the focus of my toe should be there, so point there one more, like this now second important thing is the way you are approaching the shuttle cock you should approach the shuttle cock with opponent full view which is this, watch my face together, ok look like this so I have view all together not just to point to the shuttle cock when I have view over there I am not hitting over there I am hitting there there fore my approaching way should be like this point toe, wrong way no like this no like this no like this it should be like this point toe first toe has to point to the shuttle cock the vision has to be faced to the full opponent court not to the other side not over there here, face on opponent court

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  1. If I don't know how to move myself fast enough to against the shuttle in time, then most of the game time I will be under control and under pressure even though I have decent hand skills. To solve the problem, I have to make my footwork working properly, and the best way for me is to follow coach Lee's Badminton-Footwork Skill because I followed previous clips and improved lots. The new clips provided more details information and I will follow again to refresh my footwork. Thanks coach Lee

  2. I am really pleased to know that my clips are beneficial to you and thank you very much for your kind wards and posting it. Thank you. Lee

  3. Hi, first I would like to congratulate cause your videos are really great.Thx for your efort.i have one problem- When I run I usually land on ground very hard (everybody is joking me-do not make a hole in a floor).so also in badminton my footwork steps are not made fluently not soft enough. When I do for exemple front court moves to net I have troubles to get back, cause may body is unbalaced and feet are sealed on ground.. I do fast, but hard moves.

  4. dear mr. Lee, could you answer a question of my girlfriend,she is tryng really hard to improve her play, thanks in advance,best regards:
    question was
    under this one, this a resume!
    .Are there any practices to help me fly thru the court ?

  5. You can fly on the court if you learn the movement skills and have wide awareness of your court as well as your opponent court. You have to work for it.
    there is no magical answer. Practice, practice and practice is the answer. Lee

  6. dear mr.Lee, thanks you very much,for all your videos and effort you give us just amental support is enough.
    Thanks again,
    best regards,

    Dawor and Anja

  7. Hello Dawor and Anja
    Thank you very much for your kind comment on my clips.
    I am delighted to know that. Lee

  8. Thank you for your comment. Yes, I am planning to do tactical clips.
    Soon I will record them. Lee

  9. Sir some training matches

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