Badminton-Footwork Skill (3) How to recover

Badminton-Footwork Skill (3) How to recover

Ok, the third element is how to recover I hit shuttle over here, all different corners how should I recover to get to the base for ready to the next attack the most important recovery step is this hit ready, hit ready, hit ready and then slow ready after the shot, the first recovery has to be small sharp that will give me the momentum of continue move and then that will allow me to have little bit more time for the second recovery so, when I am doing the second recovery step opponent will hit. so, importantly I have time to see it I can push off faster so like a wave watch this, lets say after net play opponent hit flick over there then your movement should be hit ready slow and then go hit ready and then go one more hit recover, hit recover pause to see where hit ready and then go he may do the net play, hit ready and then net play so, side same, hit ready, hit ready and then go backhand, hit ready, hit ready and then go but if I don’t do this recovery steps it looks like this so, my movement is that it breaks forehand net play, backhand net play first recover pause fast net and then stop there just two movements watch together ready go hit ready, push, well done now focus on the legs, go hit ready, hit ready when he hit there makes first recovery when he is coming back to the second recovery he has no idea where opponent will hit because of that he has to pause ok, now I will point any where again after this ok, watch together, go hit ready, push yes go 1 2 3 4 5 hit ready ok, because he did recover and he is pausing the opponent will hit the shuttle cock when he is in the air so, when he is in the air the opponent will hit and when he lands he knows where the shuttle has gone so he can push off immediately, like this ya like that so he is waiting in the air, ya because that is the fast way to respond ya, like this ok, now lets compare no second recovery steps I know many club players are now doing this one big step so no recovery, hit and then one step back, go ya, so he has to come with one step its too demanding he takes too long and too difficult to change the direction one step now, do without, go ya its get very hard now compare, fast recovery and pause second steps hit ready push it yes hit ready push it, thank you. come over here please go, hit ready pause, yes watch again, hit ready pause. ok, so opponent will hit, when she is in air ready go, hit ready push yes go, hit ready push yes, excellent go so, lets say her opponent is making deception but if she is doing it right, its difficult to deceive her with deceptions watch this ok go [laughs] ready go yes again go yes she is waiting for me (opponent) to hit in the air so now, lets compare her movement without recovery step without the pausing second recovery step what happens just one step no recovery steps as you see there is no rythm ya, its locking her legs ok, now compare with recovery steps, pausing steps go, hit ready hit ready hit ready 2 more 1 2 excellent well done after the shot there must be immediate recovery that small recovery step will give you momentum of continous movement and then after recovery, second recovery step which is pausing to see the opponent shot. that will give you very fast smooth transportation for you to move from one corner to the other corner yes, hit recover and the go hit recover and then push hit recover

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  1. Also known as follow the leader (or mirroring) if you have a partner on the other side

  2. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  3. I undertand why you ask the question and it is a very good question. Also you sow the movement accuritly. The reason for the first step(I say the step one) is to be able to push off as fast as possible as powerfull as possible to be able to move to the shuttlecock as soon as possible. I believe that the way to maximise the reason of the step one is a little bit up in the air then down. This way my lending is nutral so be able to move all directions, because of it my push off power will also be..

  4. maximised. I personally not too keen to use the name of split step as split mean is not really accuriate to discribe the real meaning of the step. Of course there must be time to do real meaning of split step in badminton as there are so many different situations. In this clip I am focusing on how to maximise the power of push off at the base and I belive the way I discrived is the best possible way for the meaning of "the step one" Lee

  5. This step one is not only for badminton, it is same for the players in tennis, table tennis, football goal keepers and other so many sports. this step is a must to the players when they have wait until opponent make shot/move and the player have no idea where his opponent is making the shot or making his move. If you look those players step one, it is same "little bit up and down not from narrow feet to wide feet position(split) I give more explanation on this as this is the most important step.

  6. Thank you for the information. I just have seen it. The timing of STEP ONE is different depending the situation. Inthe fast rally situation the the step one will be very small sometime you may not able to see but when there is time such as when a player lift high the you can see the Step One very clear. You have to understand the reasons for nthe step one then you have to practice all different types of step one. I very much hope my next footwork clips give you better idea about what I am doing.

  7. I am pleased to see you were able to see it. It is always good to question so you know what you are trying to do. Thank you for your kind words for my clips. Lee

  8. I am very pleased to know you are happy with my clips and thank you for posting your comment. Lets enjoy real badminton. Lee

  9. Thank you very much for your kind comments on my clips. What ever we do, it all takes time and effort to see the result but when there is believe and passion the effort and hard work becomes real enjoyment. I am very pleased to with the people who feel my clips are beneficial to them. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  10. I was curious about this "step one" too. Thanks for the explanation, Mr Lee.

  11. You are most welcome. Lee

  12. I am so pleased to know and thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  13. thanks very much
    i have a problem when i reach at the shuttle i am little confused where to place it plz tell me what should i do????????

  14. Please can you ask more in detail. I am sorry but I am not clear with your question. Are you asking stroke placement or about the movement. Lee

  15. That is a very good question. 1. yes two feet should move back powerfully and sharply. Kind of a little hope but should not be too high. This is a very importnat step but not many players are doing it. 2. yes your non racket foot can be coming a little bit but should not be too much. If it come too much then you can not make the recovery fast. In that way your recovery will be too slow and you will lose your balance. Lee

  16. Hello Coach Lee, there is one thing that I don't understand about your footwork technique: How can I reach dropshots that land very close to the net? I know most dropshots will land pretty close to the service line, some drops however land that close to the net that I cannot reach them with the steps I see in your videos (step1, left foot, right foot). Should I try to go for step1, right foot, left foot, right foot?

  17. Thank you for your points. I fully understand your point and it have very good reasons and I do agree with you. The clip in here is the standard steps. Some time you get decived by opponent or as you said drop shot lands very close the the net. In such extreme situation more step has to be added. You may do two step ones and make step biger(the last step). You point reminded me to make the steps in extreme situation and thank you for that. Lee

  18. You have to make your muscles stronger by doing support training such as weight training, running and other training. After training you have to do good warming down and good rest. There is no simple magical way to do it. It is same if you would like to drive fast then you need 3.0 engine car, make your leg same size as 3.0 and only way to do it is hard training and good recovery and eat wel. Lee

  19. Thank you very much for your kind comment. Lee

  20. There are a number of different ways to do it. Please give me some time. I will make clips for it. Lee

  21. Best badminton coaching coach Lee,
    I've played badminton for 62 years now but I am still learning to be a more advanced player thanks to your detailed coaching. The younger players are stronger and faster but they lack experience.
    I try to keep up with them for another decade or so.
    Thanks for your video's.

  22. Hello Ton
    Thank you for your kind comment on my clips. I do respect you playing such a long time and still willing to learn. I am sure that we all learn from each other. I am 52 and I will also try to do it for as long as I stand. Lee

  23. You have to improve both same time on how to hit and how to move. They are together. If you move poorly then you can hit well also if you have poor hitting skills, you get there and make mistakes. So do two things together. Lee

  24. Hello coach Lee,
    I am 50 and so happy to discover the badminton 2years ago. I played tennis since I am 15, then so much habits to switch correctly to badminton. Your videos and tricks are very helpful for me in or;der to distinguish tennis and badminton movements. Your are my private coach. hehe. Thank you and greetings from France.

  25. You are very welcome and I am very ploeased to your online coach. Yes it is very hard to change style from tennis to badminton but I think you are playing good badminton as the tactic would be same. Good luck. Lee

  26. Hi Lee,
    When opponents lift the shuttle over my head and I play overhead forehand shot, I always stumble backwards and lose balance even when using a scissor kick footwork – this means I'm unable to quickly run towards the net and play a net kill because I always take extra steps backwards after hitting to regain balance. I understand the footwork to use but cannot prevent stumbling backwards and make extra steps. What exercise/gym work do you suggest to improve my recovery in this situation?

  27. Before you train your body to help it, it is more important to find out why you move hackwrd after your hit. It can be many reasons. Your steps, body posture, turnning your body too much, your impact point and so on.
    It is not garanted that making your leb strong will provent it. There must be reason and please study your movement and find it first. Lee

  28. this is very good lesson coach…tq

  29. You are very welcome. Lee

  30. Dear Coach Lee, i had learn alot from this, i have a problem that i can't recover in single match but after i see this i think i could learn it.. but i hadn't try i'll try it tomorrow ! thank you ­čśÇ

  31. while doing recovery where to look?
    wether to look at shuttle or our opponent?

  32. You must be able to look both and same time you should know the emty areas on your court and be able to see his intention where he is going to hit. Lee

  33. You are very helpful to me. I am now able to move and to recover faster. Threw your videos I have learnt a lot. Thank you very much ­čÖé

  34. I am so pleased to know thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  35. thank you lee, i hope you come to winnipeg one day. i'd love to meet you on the court. I always had a problem recovering, i was never taught how to recover properly. i could always get to the shuttle from my opponent early, but for the 2nd or 3rd shot i would be slow because i didn't know about this small quick recovery step. i knew i had troubles recovering, but i didn't know how or what to do. this has really helped me. thank you coach lee.


  36. Hello Coach Lee , Thanks a lot for you immensely valuable lessons !

  37. You are very welcome and thank you too. Lee

  38. I couldnt smash the shuttle which is coming away from me……i am slightly fat

  39. I couldnt smash when the shuttle is away….like sidewrds….please help me……
    Regards Manu

  40. Moving fater is the answer. Get ready faster and focus the shuttlecock then you will be able to move faster to the shuttlecock. Lee

  41. Hello Coach Lee,
    Old school taught us to take a step back (recover) after intercepting a net ball… However, I realize that the footwork has improved by shuffling backwards instead.

  42. Dear Lee,

    The recovery step concept is excellent. Is it not very hard on the right knee (for right handers)? I agree it is the fastest way to recover and it comes with a price.

    Is there any precaution to prevent knee injuries during such hard practices? I am 43 years old and learning a lot from you.

  43. Do more running so you would be lighter and do it in kind of easy way so you get used it first then you can do in full scale. Make sure you do it after you have done good warming up. Lee

  44. Dear Lee,

    Since when (year)do you practise with the recovery step, and this video is from which year,


  45. Lee, You are awsome !!!

  46. Lee sir  You are amazing!!!. Thank you so much for explaining beautifully, i will use it now onwards!!!

  47. This is amazing. Fascinating how such "small" changes in actual physical movement can alter the flow of that same movement to such a high degree.

    I cannot wait to incorporate this into my play!

  48. amazing… coach lee, where do u live? i want to have training with you …

  49. how do u recover from the back?

  50. What if I cover a drop shot from the right corner and the opponent replies with a shot end left corner ie on my backhand. How should I play that shot then? Please?

  51. thanks a lot coach lee..i was doing just a single recovery step and i reached the shuttle late many times..but i cannot wait to practise is really helpful

  52. thanks a lot coach lee..i was doing just a single recovery step and i reached the shuttle late many times..but i cannot wait to practise is really helpful

  53. you are so great. nice coaching. I like you're coaching

  54. very nice.tnxxxxxxxxx sir.

  55. Waiting in the air means I conduct the first step before opponent hits, right?

  56. Sir i am not able to be quick and cover whole court what should i do it for her

  57. Is there any exercise to improve court covering and quickness

  58. Please, read my comment and do not reply spending your time. I would just like to express my deep appreciation for all of your effort and clips. Watching your videos, I have been learning A LOT these days that coaches didn't teach and correct me for one and a half years.. It helps a lot and is really improving my badminton skills. Thanks with all my heart, Coach Lee..!! I'll try and practice as hard as I can. Thanks!!

  59. Coach Lee Sir, i like very much your analysis, your attitude, your conduct, your behaviour, your temperament, & your approach towards the game..?

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