Badminton-Footwork Skill (9) Backhand Drive Step in Doubles

Badminton-Footwork Skill (9) Backhand Drive Step in Doubles

Backhand drive, there are 4 steps ready, 1 2 3 ready 1 2 3 ready ok, 1 2 quick

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  1. Coach Lee, your backhand drive sound crispy, clear, and explosive! what is the reason behind the different sound? is it because of the wrist snap power?

  2. It is because of 20-30% wrist power but 60-70% grip power(Finger power)
    At the impact you should be able to grip very hard and that generate the power. Lee

  3. Coach , i wanna ask whats the difference in hitting a cross court drive ? i can play a good straight drive in both forehand and backhand , but the backhand drive for cross court is so poor,,,always cannot heat the ball as fast as straight….

  4. Try this, 1. Move your body more behind shuttlecock. To hit cross you need more room and the shuttlecock has to be more in front of your body then when you are taking it to straight. Try to hit with less action(compact action). Instead of you move to the shuttlecock you have move more away from the shuttlecock to make space between you and the shuttlecock. Please let me know how you get on. Lee

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