Badminton Footwork: What is step one?

Badminton Footwork: What is step one?

What is step one? Why I must do the step one? ok now please have a look Tom’s movements with and without one He has been training with me for 5 years now ok Tom ready with one ready move go ready go go ready go go ready go go ready go as you see it because he is doing one he can push he can push push push one but no one now, I will ask him to move without one no one ready go you did one, don’t do one don’t do one go go, yeah you did one again don’t do it ready go fast no one ready you did one again ready he is not able to do it because he is trained that way go go because there is no push his movement will get started 3 times slower than with one let’s say because the shuttle is coming sharp let’s say opponent hit fast drop shot here if you do one after service if you do one 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 but if you don’t do one its far difficult, its not possible the real badminton without one you will be moving like caterpillar or a double decker bus but if you do one you will be moving like a butterfly or racing car ok, so where ever you go you have to do one today I have demonstrated to you what is step one why players must do it how important the step one is now, the detail of step one will be followed in the following videos thank you

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  1. What do you mean of "Jump-rope" ? Do you mean the step one? If you question is player has to do step one then my answer is yes it is more then say beneficial. It is a must skill and it has to be done 95% when your opponent is making shot. I explaned the reasons for in this clip. I would happy to answer more questions if you have. Lee

  2. Yes I do that is a very good way to strengthen your angcle and sharpness of your movement. You could do it with weight jacket as I did a lot of it with weight jacket. I do not do it is stroke practice but when I did fitness training or badminton fitness training I did it for about 20-30 min. Lee

  3. Try to put all your fucos on how to return the shuttlecock then more likely you will be able to do it. Because of you are trying to do the step one intentionally, the timing may not right. If you have not done it before, it will take time to do it. But you have to set your mind and you must continue to do it right. Lee

  4. Did I say you can practice step one with walls? Lee

  5. This is pretty basic, but I've doubt, as I saw many top player didn't use this at all.. why coach Lee?

  6. Please see top players match clips carefully, 99% of times players are doing it. This is not only for badminton players. It is for tennis, table tennis, basketball even football goal keepers. Please see the playing clips ones more and let me know. Lee

  7. Hi Sir Lee,
    i'm looking for some training for improve my stamina because after 2 ~ 3  sets
    i 'm totally exhausted .. and i don't know how to improve my stamina, I run 40 min
    for 4 days per week and the stamina problem still remain, (i started to run 2 weeks ago) but if i keep doing that stamina will be better after one or two months? :/  i do 50 sit up each night too .. i know that it's not enough for a train my body … what do you think sir Lee ? 🙂

  8. Excellent trick, this a basic mistake I nene to correct it 🙂

  9. Dear coach Lee sir.
    I take the step one from the center of my side when the opponant seems to hit a close net shot after my drop shot. But he hits a deceptive clear shot on my non racquet side back at the court.
    Now since I have already taken a step one and my body is almost ready and inclined towards net I am unable to reach the rear back hand side of the court.
    So my question is how to do a step one when opponant is playing a deceptive clear.
    If you have a video on the same topic can you please send me the link

  10. Dear Lee, I watch your helpful videos. What I really like is the care you take to give instructions for both the beginners and advanced players, and you communicate that properly when you give out the instructions. May your tribe grow.

  11. dear sir my question is do you have any complete pakge of bedminton training video in sequence plz send me link i am from Pakistan i need to train this game for my body fitness because he is my favorite game and you are a great coach

  12. thank you very much sir I am very glad to watch

  13. Step 1 – You find a girl to love

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