Badminton Footwork

Badminton Footwork

Movement Right way of movement which is number 5 root in badminton in order to be advanced badminton player this root must be understood and be able to perform in any game of badminton singles, doubles, mixed doubles there are 3 different times number 1 speed of my movement number 2 speed of shuttle cock number 3 speed of my opponent movement in badminton I am depending on what speed of shot I made how fast how slow my opponent is moving my movement is depending on that player must be able to understand that and be able to move depending on those 2 elements I will explain what I mean for example if a player make attack from the net then his movement has to be immediate, short, fast because after attack the return shot will be faster so my feet should be fast too for example like this I will attack, defend watch my feet please look, look hit – ready hit – ready hit – ready hit – ready hit – ready because I have to move bit fast because I hit fast but if I lift then I must not move this fast because shuttle is flying slowly my movement has to be slower like this drop shot watch my movement please look drop shot, slowly ready ready ready ready not like this no like that because it does not match for example if I smash from the rear court my ready step for the next one has to be fast I have to stop immediately after the smash like this smash ready rather than smash like this because if I do while I am moving shuttle will come different direction I cannot change watch this please if some one smashes from the back, then the step should be like this smash – I will do it continue please hit – ready smash – ready smash – ready smash – ready rather than I moved too much so how fast I hit, how high I hit, different if I do high clear my step will be slow, watch this please even I can walk, because I have lots of time but many players they don’t understand this difference so, when they go to the rear court they come back to the base step always same which shows me they don’t think some times after the shot they come here some time they can come to the base depending on what shot they did if some body can understand this different times and be able to stop depending on the speed he or she can move like butterfly but if some one has no idea of this theory this principles then they move like caterpillar the second important thing in the root of movement is how to make initial start that is crucially important but some players when they do practice movement practice, they don’t do like real badminton steps which means this ready like this and I have no idea where shuttle will come so, when my opponent is hitting after immediately my opponent hit, I have to do that landing step because, because of the landing step I can push off like this like that like this like this but if I don’t do that initial step then I cannot make fast changing speed I cannot accelerate my speed of movement stand like this, shuttle comes like that here or like this here or there rear court like that or like this this initial step where ever player go in court before they move they need this step defending smash look smash – watch my feet carefully look look hit look hit look hit where here 1 2 1 2 rather than look again same net, when receiving drop shot hair pin same look not the right way to do it ready different, remember before you go look look go look go look go look look look look rather than

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  1. Extremely interesting

  2. I didn't know about inital step
    Very thank you

  3. You are very welcome. Lee

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  5. You are very welcome and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  6. Dear Lee,
    Can you add some clip on how to choose right badminton shoes please? Like what type of shoes support good ground grip, take off, movement etc.? You have shown how to pick shuttle from ground etc. So, this should not be a silly request for you.

  7. Coach lee, I must say you have taken an excellent initiative to Record these videos and teach budding badminton players. I have watched many of your videos and have learnt a lot from them. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  8. Mr Lee, Thank you very much for sharing your Experience and teaching us. The Best part of you is, You tell us how to play and show couple of practical Examples on that. Your are giving the best and best tips. 

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  10. your videos are awesome,learned from them only.
    i want to know which racket do you use.

  11. Learned alot from your videos. Thank you very much.

  12. Hello Coach. I'm not sure if you have mentioned it in the video but when doing drop shots, should you be going back into position fast or slow? Thanks in advance.

  13. u r awesome Coach thank u

  14. Thank you sensei Lee Jae Bok. One is only now discovering how vital footwork and placement is. Having my feet in the correct position is more important than almost every other aspect of my body. Also the other arm must be used for balance. Thank you for teaching these skills.

  15. Superb video nd thanx for sharing your tips with us

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    You answer all questions that I have had when I started to play badminton.

    Thank you so much again.

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  30. I finally figured out why my footwork is so slow i haven't been doing the split step!

  31. Great video coach Lee; – you are awesome! I've learned lots in 10 mins, now I just go to execute in my games.

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