Badminton: Forehand Clear

Badminton: Forehand Clear

Clear – there are 3 different clears normal clear – high clear attack clear punch clear number 1 normal clear higher wrong way right way again attack clear higher

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  1. whats the diff between global and attack clear ?

  2. @OPF1206 I am not sure what you mean by "global" is it high clear?
    If so, there is clear difference between them. Attack clear is very flat and give no time for opponent to respond
    with good posture so opponent have very limited choice of return. Normally players choose this shot
    when he/she is having much time to hold the shuttle cock before making shot so it becomes deceptive.
    The attack clear is a very important skill to learn to control opponent.

  3. dang.. thank you! coach Lee!

  4. Coach, I can't seem to get a follow through every time I hit a clear and a smash despite me having the right grip. Why is that?

  5. @pjesh Please upload your action clear clip and let me see it then I may be able to advise you what to do or what to not do. Lee

  6. Is forehand clear movement similar to smash movement?

    do I need turn my racket 10 degree anti-clockwise before hit the shuttle?

  7. @killwang Yes, that way yuou can take shuttlecock infront of your body
    but be careful that not to change too much as that is also not right. You can try to feel the different. I am sure you will be able to hit cleaner and more powerfully. Lee

  8. @coachingbadminton thanks! In last game I used smash-grip, I feel my smash is more powerful and accurate, however, my forehand clear when use smash-grip is not as good as before, I may need more time to feel and find out why.

  9. @killwang Just be carefull not to turn the grip too much. 10 degree is not too much. Not changing is not good but change too much also not right. Good luck. Lee

  10. Coach , What is your badminton racket ?? Pounds

  11. At that time I used Yehlex "YX-LJB" and it is about 60 pounds. My name is on it as I tested and I proved that it is a very good racket. There are two adition and I do like the first one. You can view it from

  12. I think you are playing a good level of singles. It is depening on, if your opponent is losing balance and late then it is better to do sharp slice as it will be there quicker and give much less time to your opponent. Sometime you do fast sharp slice not to win the point but make your opponent return very limited and late. Depending on your skill you can try to slice fast but still land tighter and get to the corner faster. I will remember to put it on my list. Lee

  13. Based on your question I can sense it you are a singles player. Good luck and let me know what you found out. Lee

  14. Coach Lee, can I ask a question about forehand clearing.

    When I play singles and the shuttle goes quite far beyond my head (maybe about 10cm), how do I clear the shuttle?

  15. 1. Try to get behind shuttlecock by moving fast. 2. If you are late and shuttlecock is above or behind your body then you have to make space between your body and shuttlecock by moving your upper body backward 3. Make your racket action as compact as possible so you can hit the shuttlecock with very tiny space. 4. Instead of using full swaing us your wrist and finger to tap as this is only way to hit shuttlecock when you are already late and shuttlecock is moving behind you. Lee

  16. Hi, very helpful videos and techniques. Can you please clarify if we should always use the tap (like in backhand clear) for forehand clear as well? If not what should it depend on? Thanks!

  17. There are different kind of forehand clears. You can use tap forehand clear when you are very much under pressure so you have no time and space to make full swing. In this way you can still hit clear with very much short tap action. In normal time it is better to do follow swing clear. Lee

  18. i am a singles player… i cannot get the shuttlecock from the back court to the other side.. it keeps going to the middle. What should i doo

  19. You can definatly hit it to the end of the court. You must be positive and learn the skills. Soon I will be uploading clear clips so have look and practice. Lee

  20. Coach, i been training forehand clear for so long, but i just cant hit it to the baseline, is there any other way?
    or all i nid to do is just train more?

  21. I am sure there must reason why you can not do it. I think you have looking ar your skills. Soon I am going to make clear clips, you may see it when it comes out. Lee

  22. Dear Lee,
    Should we tilt the racket about 10 degrees here also just like we should do for a smash?
    I have not seen you doing that but you may be doing it so subtly that I am not able to notice it.

  23. In my view yes. For clear i do change about 10 degree but it is also different depending on how early and late you are taking the shot. When you are late on right rear corner then you should not turn 10 degree rather you should have ready grip. Lee

  24. Coach lee are you using pronation? I see the racket face in line with the forearm before and after the swing.

  25. Yes I do but much less then what other players do. Lee

  26. dear coach Lee- when I clear I wonder where the power comes from. Does it come from the wrist, then elbow then shoulder? I feel like I'm doing a tennis serve with my other leg bending back.

  27. The power come from wrist and wrist power will make shuttlecock go faster. You must be able to hit it with wrist. Lee

  28. Dear Lee,
    Excellent demonstration. But sorry for saying that in this camera angle, we are not knowing how far back the shuttle is going. It will be excellent if you shoot your videos in more than one angle.

  29. Hi Lee,

    Thanks for the video.

    I have problem of hitting the shot from back line to other side of back line. I seem like using a lot of power but the shot still doesn't reach the far back line. I wonder if I hit the shot without moving forward like in the video then it doesn't generate power  from your body moving forward to hit the shot?
    Or it could be different problem that I sort out? (I understand it is hard to tell without seeing me hitting the shot)


  30. Hi coach friends are saying my strokes and shots are too slow..especially my attacking clear and dropshots. I was given some advice that to make your shots faster, you cut down on the swing. Meaning after you contact the shuttle, you bring down your arm instead of having a follow through. Does it really helps?

  31. Hi Coach Lee. I am very impressed with your technique on how to do a forehand clear.

    I require your advice. I always play singles with my friend and when my friend uses aims at the backhand corner using a forehand clear, I often get tired if I need to use a technique of forehand clear all the time to defend myself. I realize two things:
    1) I did a full swing when doing a forehand clear and I often can do this at least 2-3 times. After 3 times, my energy was depleted quickly because it seems like I use my full energy to do it.
    2) Quite often, the shuttlecock travels faster and therefore my front body is often perpendicular over my head rather than in front of my body.

    Can you please advise whether a full swing is necessary for forehand clear? Also, is it correct that doing a full swing for forehand clear will deplete my energy quickly? I saw on your clips that you didn't do a full swing and yet the power that comes from it is amazing.

    Thanks Coach Lee.

  32. I still don`t see the difference between these type of clear Coach Lee. Can you explain further?

  33. Is it normal for my tricep and biceps to get a little store after I clear for a while?

  34. my shots r going outside bcoz this grip is creating problem in making forehand shots ..pls tell me how I make forehand just after backhand shot as I failed in changing face of racket

  35. Lee, is it important to cock the wrist while hitting forehand clear and smash? If yes why?

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  44. sir can a player recieve a serve placing a leg on the first court?

  45. first court is meant service court. is it wright sir?

  46. coach; i am having a hard time figuring out why my forehand clears and smashes are very slow. was wondering if you could take a look at this clip and comment: . can fast forward to 2:24. i am the guy in black. based on what i observed its because i am not using my wrist properly and wrist isnt properly cocked for smashing. could i get some advice from you about this as i have been struggling with this for a long time

  47. During games, I use forehand clears when I feel pressured or need more time to recover, but in doing so, most times I hit it multiple times against the roof, how can i change this?

  48. coach lee please post videos on clear and drop shot in detail..

  49. i need help from you sir so how can i contact you sir???

  50. coach lee i have totally restarted my game and i am following every videos of yours available on youtube but there are some doubts or say confusion which i want to get cleared from you so i can improve even better…and thanks for uploading such a helpful and detailed videos sir….you are doing a great work sir..☺☺?????

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