Badminton: Forehand Deceptive Lift

Badminton: Forehand Deceptive Lift

Forehand Deceptive Lift Forehand Deceptive Lift – Wrong way Right way again

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  1. @waquin14 I'm glad you like my videos. Thanks for the info about youtube's partner program.

  2. i always cant pull back the racquet after i hit the shuttle

  3. @TheBhucker You can! I know you can. Imagine that you are doing it and practise until you do it. If you have five fingers then you can! Lee

  4. I find doing flicks extremely hard since i have very thick wrists, is there a way to loosen my wrists with training?

  5. You need a very little power to do it. It is more fingers not your wrist. If you have time then please record your action and let me see it. So I can advise you more in detail. Lee

  6. normally by the time i get to a net shot, i can't hold my racket and wait for the shuttle because its already nearly on the floor

  7. That is normal but if you know the way to do it, it is not too difficult. Please be positive and try then you will be able to do it. Lee

  8. your too slow. you have to take it early.

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