Badminton Forehand Drive: 3 Different Types

Badminton Forehand Drive: 3 Different Types

Three different types of forehand drive How many kind of forehand drives there Lets say you are at the centre shuttle is coming to your forehand side how many different kind of drives there are 3 number 1 when shuttle goes little bit higher you go power drive, I call it power drive shuttle is there go one more its power drive, when you have time next one, when shuttle comes flatter similar to net height you can’t do the power drive flat then you might hit the net, there is no reason to go power drive because there is no height for it at that time I call it tap drive, early hold tap the shuttle cock like throwing the dart like this hold hold so you hit the shuttle cock much sharper like dart next one if shuttle goes little bit lower than net still very difficult to tap it at that time I call it push drive, instead of tap you guide the shuttle cock more safely so you go all together so it will be much more accurate so see the difference when shuttle goes high power drive same height tap drive lower push drive number 1 have time flat lower high same push so there are three you should be able to do all three because when you play all different situations you will be facing so you should choose right one for each situation you are in

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  1. Good vids! Can learn a lot from them.

  2. These are very useful drives. Thanks a lot, Mr.Lee.

  3. You are welcome. Lee

  4. Where do you coach now Coach Lee?

  5. Good explanation and description of drive types, and when to use them. I wouldn't have thought to break it down that way, but it is a good and important distinction that a lot of players don't pick up on. Great videos!

  6. Is there any back and equivalent of the same shots? Can u show us lee sir

  7. With the push drive, what to do if opponent waiting at net (mid court) straight in front?

  8. Also, should we do push drive cross court or straight (depending on opponents positions)? Sorry I could not tell from the video as the image is flat.

  9. Sir how do you hold the racquet when doing this forehand drive?

  10. my man’s forehand drives sound like fucking gunshots ??

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