Badminton: Forehand Drive

Badminton: Forehand Drive

Under drive when shuttle is lower the right way Under drive wrong way – big swing right way again

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  1. should we hit the shuttle as fast as possible and higher the net a little bit?because I always hit it before it goes slowly ,is that good ?

  2. If you are taking it above the net/higher then the net then you can hit hard but if you are taking it same high as the net or bit lower then do not hit it too hard but try to control. Lee

  3. thank U ,I will remember this 😀

  4. You are very welcome.

  5. i love your videos. but its basically just a demonstration of the technique. do u have any videos where you also explain the technique etc? so for example, how you manage to do a straight forehand drive with just the wrist without moving the arms and body as much?

  6. Yes there are many clips with detailed explanation of the skills so please check them out. It is the finger power which able to make shot with a very small action. Lee

  7. Oh hi I was wondering

  8. Great vids, but lets say assuming birdie was very low n deep, how would you be able to return that with lots of power so it goes to opponent rear court? Thanks!

  9. hi lee,
    i have a doubt. To have simple and explosive shot, gripping is important. when do we loose/tighten our grip? and how should be the grip at the point of contact for explosive shit.

  10. Do you always split step after each drive?

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