Badminton-Forehand High Service in Singles

Badminton-Forehand High Service in Singles

Forehand High Service Singles Hello, I am Lee thank you for coming to IBBS in this video I am going to show you how to do high long service in singles first of all how to hold the shuttle cock it will be better to hold shuttle cock together like this rather than at the feather like this if a player hold the feather like this then the cock angle will be changed differently so if they left shuttle cock from here then shuttle will be moving like that so hold the shuttle together like this and then let shuttle go straight rather than little bit like this as forehand short service player should be able to understand the different length left arm here, right arm there so it does not match so when they let shuttle go from left hand they have to extend, they have to stretch little bit so they can hit it from their racket head beginners when they learn high long service quite often they miss hit because they just let the shuttle go and hit like this so shuttle is landing there racket moves here so it does not match the second one the important thing is the movement of the weight the weight should be right foot before service while the service is carrying on the weight should go to the left foot again once again movement from right foot to left foot like this again the weight goes right and left rather than weight goes from left foot and then like this there is no balance moving compare this please right and left rather than left and hit or right and like this naturally move first right and left the next learning point which is very important in having good accuracy and control the angle of hitting is how to move the racket arm about 3 or 4 out of 10 players their racket action is like golf hitting like this in this way of hitting, the angle is already fixed its difficult to change angle from this action which is like this again so, racket goes backward like this and then like that in that way, the angle is fixed thats why some times their service goes different angle some times too long, some times too short and they are slicing their services to me in this way they will be more accurate straight down and then straight forward like this rather than like this surprisingly quite many players do that action would you please compare between these two racket actions, the first two like golf swing and then no swing like that like this comfortably stretch down and straight forward have a look to me this is much more comfortable and very easy to control rather than like this and then last one final point it will be easier and much better for accuracy and cotrol if a player move both way swing start from here and backward and forward like this backward and forward from here like this and like this there is rhythm going like that like this rather than stay like this and then go one direction swing you can see the difference please have a look so some players do that too ready start here and then like that so there racket movement is one way only from back to forward like this like that very difficult to control but if racket moves from front back and back to front then there is rhythm have a look from here back and forward back – forward rather than here like that this is much harder one more please there like that and be careful not to make fault serves ready once forward hitting that is fault also the left foot follows like that, that’s fault but that’s ok so please remember stay still you can move your weight little bit but not your feet, that is fault ok to recap for high service in singles number 1 – how to hold the shuttle let shuttle go straight way rather than like this number 2 – move your weight from your right foot to left foot right – left right – left rather than stay on left and hit like this or stay on your right or hit like this number 3 make the double return action from here backward and forward rather than start from here forward like in boxing it will be easier to hit from here like that and like this rather than stay here and hit like this it will be more difficult and unbalanced for the junior players in order to have confidence in game this single service they must be able to do that about 80 to 90% of accuracy so they have confidence in their service thank you

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  1. Thanks for this video

  2. You are very welcome. Lee

  3. Where are you currently?

  4. I am in England. Lee

  5. I meant how to receive the service best

  6. There is a clip on how to return single high service please have look this clip first and let me know. Lee

  7. i cant get any consistancy in my serve…. i take note of the way u advise to hold the shuttle and that has helped but still my consistancy is poor… i think maybe my elbow is a bit wild when i swing? any suggestions..

  8. my problem is mainly with the shuttle landing too short- i think all else is close to beng correct… it difficult to get the proper trajectory to land the shuttle vertically on/very close to the back line.

  9. ok maybe i found my answer about the 8:00 mark…

  10. I am pleased to know you got your answer. Lee

  11. What type of forehand grip should be used for high and low service forehand?

  12. Ready(nutural) grip for high service and bit more forehand grip(10% more) is better for foreband low service. Lee

  13. Heyy lee.. is there any badminton clubs of yours in England..?

  14. For mans' singles, they mostly do backhand short serve rather than long serve, why?

  15. in singles , what is right service area ? is third line service is out in singles?

  16. Thanks u r lesson helped me a lot

  17. Thank you so much for all your coaching videos on YouTube ?

  18. The subtleties are what makes this sport such a beautiful art! Thank you Coach Lee.

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