Badminton: Forehand High Service

Badminton: Forehand High Service

Forehand High Service right way forehand wrong high service right way again

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  1. is this technique still up to date, mr. lee? i learned it like this a few years ago, but after watching a few high level (professional) games, mainly singles, i didn't see anyone still using this service method – only low backhand service used by the pros! why is that?
    by the way, love your videos, just found them and subscribed right away!

  2. Yes you are right more profesional players do backhand low service but it is my duty to give all the kind of service so if anyone would like to learn high service they can see how it can be done. Thank you for letting me know that you like my clips. Lee

  3. what should the wrist be doing during the serve?

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