Badminton: Forehand Lift

Badminton: Forehand Lift

Forehand Lift the normal standard lift the right way typical wrong way forehand lift – big swing right way again

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  1. do you have a lesson video with more explanation how should lift stroke and step look like?
    So the elbow stays slightly bent. How about the wrist? You seem not using much of the wrist, sweeping action like from outside to inside stroke to increase the´╗┐ spin. I believe that spinning the shuttlecock at the lift would help more accurate length, height, more drastic drop at the opponent´╗┐ rear court.

  2. what is the best accurate way to adjust the height and length at lift?
    how should pre-swing and post-swing look like? at what step should I load pre-swing?
    what do you think about the post-swing more side ways with using the wrist toward more inside? you seem to use most elbow. The shuttle seems fly with less spin. Is that because to increase the speed of the flying shuttle?

  3. In a few weeks I am going to produce much more detailed clips with every step action, reasons and also show you how to practice step by step. Most of your questions will be answered as detail as possible. I am planning cover all the stroke skills in this way. This will be started at the end of May or early June. Thank you for detailed good questions. After you see the clips we can discuss about the each points I make. Lee

  4. clips here yet? Thanks and happy haloween

  5. Not yet as I have moved to Canada and there are a lot of things to be prepared, it will take some time. Sorry for keep you waiting. Lee

  6. When did you do move to Canada from UK? Do they have good badminton there?

  7. Yes many people play badminton and it is a very nice city. I moved yesterday. Lee

  8. Oh that is good. What city/province just wondering

  9. Toronto in Canada. Lee

  10. Saw Coach Lee train a group of elite junior shuttlers yesterday after my adult clinic session was over. This man is one of the most passionate coaches of the three sports I've ever seen (badminton, soccer, golf). I've never seen club players actually NOT play and observe his coaching from afar in the time I've played at that club; but it happened yesterday.

  11. Thank you for your kind comment. Lee

  12. Tks coach Lee for your videos. This kind of lifts are good when we hit the shuttle cock early. But sometimes the shuttle goes very deep and we have to lift it in a very low position. Often I have some difficulties to lift it towards the rear court. However when I saw some international players like Lee Chong Wei doing it, he was able to hit the shuttle very far away, does he use the power of wrist in this case (big swing). Finally I strongly wish that you could make some videos talking about returns in disadvantaged situations because it happened a lot during amateur matches and also in high-level matches.

    Sincerely, Wang

  13. Hello Coach Lee! I follow your videos since a long time and improved much thanks to you!
    I have a question, do I use a normal forehand grip for the lift or in between forehand grip and net shot grip like i use for underarm drive shots as you said in your video here
    Thank you for your videos!

  14. Sir, I have one question regarding the lift. Whenever I try to do it, I am usually lifting it only to the height of the opponent making it easy for him to kill or I lift it and it hits the net. So while lifting, should I flick it with forehand or should I use all of my power to lift it high ?

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