Badminton-Forehand Low Service in Singles

Badminton-Forehand Low Service in Singles

Forehand Low Service Singles Hello, I am Lee thank you for coming in this video I will demonstrate how to do low service in singles, forehand low service not backhand low service forehand low service first of all, how to hold the shuttle cock is important because have a look, if you hold shuttle cock like that vertical way and you drop the shuttle cock then shuttle will land straight way but if you have shuttle cock little bit like this and then you drop it, then shuttle will be moving which will effect the quality of flying and accuracy so hold, use all your fingers together gently but remember, make shuttle vertical rather than like that or like this or like this because it will effect the service now second thing as you see I am holding shuttle like this left hand side the right hand side the length is different 2 times longer so right hand side the length should be little bit reduced and the left hand side should be little bit stretched so, the distance the length of both arms including racket will be similar this is important the beginners when they learn the low service they try to often they let shuttle go over here and they hit here so they miss it because of this reason ok and the third point some times they take the shuttle too low like this so shuttle can go high up its better to take shuttle side little bit higher rather than like this because of the flying angle will be different have a look if a player do serve like that likely shuttle will go higher if they are doing side ways like that then the flying angle will not be steeper so its not that way its that way but be careful if you do too high that’s fault now in order to make right arm the length smaller, shorter you have to bend your elbow little bit and then left arm stretch little bit more so you go like this that is one way of movement for forehand service in singles in singles the player have to cover whole court the place of service will be better go little bit backwards, some where here so after serve ready rather than stay too close to the net and serve and move backwards then net area will be problem so don’t stay too close to the service line when you do singles low service and finally there is also different singles service what I explained to you just before, they know I am doing low service like this but some times player can do the deceptive low service in singles like this this is high service do low service from exact high service posture so its little bit more deceptive in this way you can surprise you can delay your opponents movement but better to do few in a game if you do too many then your opponent will be aware of these deceptions thank you for listening I hope you find something beneficial to you thank you

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  1. Very informative 🙂

  2. Hi Coach Lee
    I have been watching all international tournaments regularly, one thing i always want to ask you when i see the qualifing matches most players do fore hand low or high serve but after or even in quater final i hardly see forehand low serve or even high serve. I can understand about fore hand high deep serve can be attach severly but no forehand low serve to top level. So is ther any advantages of back hand serve to fore hand.Another thing i am eagerly waiting singles new videos.

  3. I personaly like forehand high and low service in singles. I do not think much benefits doing backhand low and backhand flick service. I think some of top players do backhand service in singles and it becomes kind of fashioned for young top players to do that way too. Some players may feel they can do more accuriate flat service with their backhand service and more deceptive flick. I leave it to players to choose unless I see some kind of problem then I ask them to try other kind service. Lee

  4. The single DVD will be made in the near future. Kind regards. Lee

  5. Hi Coach!
    " personaly like forehand high and low service in singles. I do not think much benefits doing backhand low and backhand flick service"

    Would you do forehand short serve in doubles as well? If not, why?

  6. I personally do forehand short service in doubles. The backhand service came just after my time of playing. Which ever service you like and confident, you should use
    if you are the only one out of 100 players. Be your self do proud and confident of what you choose to do. I would do. Lee

  7. Thanks Coach Lee for this informative video 🙂

  8. You are very welcome. Lee

  9. Thank you for showing us proper techniques for forehand serve. I had never done it properly and now I can!

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