Badminton Forehand Net Deceptive Flick (2) How to Grip for It

Badminton Forehand Net Deceptive Flick (2) How to Grip for It

Forehand Net Deceptive Flick (2) How to grip for it There are number of important elements in order to do this technique number 1 is the grip many players they cannot do this technique because they have wrong grip please watch this is normal ready grip if you look closely 9 or nearly 10 out of 10 players do not change grip when they flick from the net that causes you the problem watch this so this is neutral grip and then shuttle goes there they don’t change it they just go there like that watch this my palm is facing that way my racket is facing upwards if I use this grip throw it only goes up so I want to hit flatter then I have to do that way to make it flat and then in order to make flatter using this grip I have to make swing to it if you don’t change grip you cannot do this way of flick this kind of deceptive flick is not possible if you do not change grip watch this grip like that I don’t change grip If I don’t change grip or this is only way to do it with this neutral grip but surprisingly 90% or more than 90% of players they do not change grip and they do not know why they make mistakes in this area now watch my fingers I am using neutral grip at the moment now shuttle is coming watch my hands my grip has to be changed there like that so please watch wrist is higher racket is low so I can flick forward I can flick cross I change mind net shuttle still go forward I change mind cross I can do all the shots because I changed the grip watch again neutral grip like that neutral grip like that wait Racket face must be facing the shuttlecock before the impact as you can see neutral grip like that neutral grip like that so now evidence when I change grip my palm is facing forward my racket face is also forward so my palm, my racket face are parallel like that now watch this if you do that you can do it no problem after practicing little bit hold flick hold flick so when I hold he can’t move and then make him wait longer and then I flick so his movement will be delayed watch what happens if I don’t change grip watch this please neutral grip you should have neutral grip because you don’t know where shuttle is going so neutral grip shuttle comes lower stop I am not changing grip I go to the shuttlecock like this my racket face is facing straight up ceiling my palm is facing that way like that so if I hit it, it will go up but I don’t want hit shuttle up how can I hit shuttle forward with this grip ok throw the shuttle if you don’t change grip you will be doing that you will be doing that or you have to do that way please even now you can check grip neutral grip and then go to forehand shot and see your palm will be like that you racket face upwards so it does not match to hit it straight here look like that like that racket face how can I hit straight its not possible to hit straight automatically it will go up to me its so obvious but I am equally surprised so many players club players even semi professional players still try to attack opponent with this grip, without changing any grip to the corners so they develop this kind of shot instead of changing their grip in 0.1 second they leave it like that and they try to change everything else Change Grip and hit like this.. Do not change grip and hit like this

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  1. Thanks Lee!!! this helps alot

  2. Im sorry Lee, i find this video incorrect and the title of the video is misleading. You demonstrated the forehand grip and how to change the angles of your shots. Deception means to fake your shot. By no means did your videos show any deception nor did you ever explain the process of the opponent's mind when they get "deceived" when changing your shot angle. From a national player's point of view, you left out key points, such as loosening the fingers, having a relax body gesture, where your foot should be, and what your non racquet hand should be. If you demonstrated these in the past, you need to link it or explain in the video that you've shown these in previous videos. A reminder that i do not hate your videos, i feel that they can be improved overall. By no means do i think im way better than anyone, i just don't want videos that are misleading for beginners. 

  3. yes, make a big diffrence!

  4. I tried at home but its really difficult to distinguish the two because they are awfully similar,  However it feels like its a back hand grip but using the other side of the racket  

  5. Excellent tutorial, great insight on where my palm should be as a consequence of shifting my grip.  I will practice this and see where it takes me. Thank you

  6. tried this and it worked, the longer I can hold the shuttle, the more deceptive the shot will be, or at least it will make it hard to guess for sure. I was playing a double game with my friends, i pretended to do a lift so immediately they got ready to smash, all i got left to do is to drop the birdie far to the side line. it was fun looking at their reaction when they got tricked 😀

  7. Mr. Lee, first I want to thank you for all your videos. After watching them, I am playing more gracefully and having peace of mind. And now coming to this video, I am a right handed person, if I am picking the shuttle near the mid court or left side I am unable to hit to right side with the grip that you are suggesting. Basically with the suggested grip, I am able to drop or flick straight/left, but I am unable to drop or flick to the right.

  8. I've only just started watching your videos but they help a lot and give me a lot more skills to take to my training sessions. I've been playing badminton for about 7 years now but I've just decided to start playing competitively, so these videos are really helping!!!

  9. Really excellent videos. U r a excellent teacher. Learnt a lot from urs. I HV seen many videos. It's is the best I feel.tnku.

  10. I am teaching my daughter by seeing your videos. It is very helpful.

  11. Thank you couch Lee….. I'm from India and I'm following u since 6 month and it has made my game really better then before …..sir I'm facing little bit problem in defense , I play badminton double and wen the shuttle come to me I mean very powerful smash I couldn't receive it ….the actual problem is I couldn't get ready for both smash and drop at a time if I get ready for smash then opponent will play drop shot and if I get ready for drop opponent will play smash shot so plz help me with this problem and let be know we're exactly should I stand to play both smash or drop shot and which grip should I use ….. thank you ( Sarthak ) from India (age : 24)

  12. Thanks for your helps. I am not a professional player but I think your vedioes are very helpful to improve my play.

  13. I read other people’s comments…but still not 100% clear what the difference is with neutral grip because it looks so similar BUT feels very different when held in hand. Is it simply the racket face is presented lower to get ready for the flick return? Ah, perhaps I first ask what is the common name for this grip?

  14. Sub indonesian coch

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