Badminton-Forehand Net Drop: The Different Types

Badminton-Forehand Net Drop: The Different Types

Different types of forehand net drop I would like to show you different kind of forehand net shots How many kind of net shots are there what to use, when normal net play for singles, doubles normal the net play you understood is here net ok hold net hold net now this is normal nothing special that is net play, hair pin we call it now next one is you can use it for doubles because there are two, one is already at the net take racket please, let me have shuttles thank you ok if you do the normal net he can kill it normal net he can kill it so because opponent is already there in doubles when you have to do the net play it has to be it has to be flat flat ok further play little bit more watch the shuttle fly here doubles net play try to kill it flat now, that’s for double net play forehanded next one is singles singles its better to make the shuttle go steeper so make your opponent come deeper and limit what your opponent can do only another net, cross or lift options he has so this is singles net have a look please singles net it’s little bit high here but shuttle goes straight down now watch the shuttle fly now try to lift it please give it to me shuttles, leave it there ok I will do that give net ok try to lift again because its very tight, it only goes half and you can kill it so singles net is more little bit high does not matter because he is at the center then shuttle goes steeper ok one more please, with shuttle by hands so shuttle should fly your court and very tight to the other side instead of doing that, opponent can easily come ok now next one is spin net you force your opponent and you knew opponent is doing net shot and you take it early and spin it to make opponent lift much harder ok by hand straight please further back so shuttle comes and you spin it watch shuttles fly ok same shuttle should go little bit up and should go straight down and I call it kind of winning shot one more sorry keep going ok so there are normal net (normal hair pin) doubles net – which goes flat singles net – little bit high but land very steep last one is spin net you take it early, spin it so opponent finds it difficult to lift and that’s winning shot

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  1. What is the advantage of using normal forehand net drop? Thank you!

  2. It will be simple so less mistakes and it can go very close to the net so oppoenet has to just lift rather then flick fast. Lee

  3. I use the fast wrist tipping drop shot since it is fast and I can sometimes fool my opponent as my racket swig is fast. Also I do jump tip drops of I need it to be closer up to the net.

    Nice video Coach Lee, I should try other dropping techniques as well

  4. Soon I am going to make drop shot clips. Lee

  5. SO comprehensive…thank you…

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