Badminton: Forehand Net Drop

Badminton: Forehand Net Drop

Forehand net drop the right way The wrong way Big cutting actions or wrong way taking side right way again

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  1. my shuttle falls short of the net when i try to replicate your video. Are you pushing the shuttle or what ? Im keeping my racket face parallel to ground n it wont cross the net if i dont cut across the shuttle

  2. You need to push a little bit and your racket face muct face the corner you are hitting to. Please keep try you will see the way to do it. Positive mind set is the key to success. Lee

  3. how would you spin it then if cutting it is wrong? You have a backhand spin net drop shot, but no forehand version? Is it because you're not suppose to spin it on forehand side then?

  4. No you can spin forehand. What I am saying is not to make too big motion. When shuttlecock is near the net and you are taking early then you can spin it. There is forehand spin net clip please have look. Lee

  5. OKay thanks coach Lee. That clears up for me =]. This might be off topic but still relates to badminton, I have problems anticipating drop shots. Like I'm in the ready position, my weight is slightly forward on my toes/ball of my feet, but yet when some stronger players play really good deceptive fast drops, I can't get to it in time and I usually end up lifting.

  6. And another problem is sometimes, I don't go heal first when i'm coming forward, usually when i'm struggling to get to the front. If i'm shadowing or playing at a half pace game, then I'll do normal foot step with heal coming down first, but when i'm late or rushing to the front, i sometimes go toe first which is really bad for knees and improper footwork.. how do i fix this problem coach lee?

  7. It is your habit. You have to do alots of repeat practice. I know many players have same problem. It is not good habit and better to fix it as soon as possible. No easy way to sort it but you have to put time, effort and focus. I have to see your action when you are taking opponent drop so I can tell what I see and why you do that. Meanwhile please do a lot of practice of the movement to the net and side(landing heal first) Lee

  8. Alright thanks coach Lee, I will have to drill over and over again the heel first. Thanks have a great day

  9. Yes that would be the true way to inprove. Let me know how you get on. Lee

  10. So if in backhand clear, extending elbow we hurt elbow. In smash, hit shuttle behind/swing too far back will hurt shoulder and elbow. And in net drop, landing with racquet foot toes will hurt knees. What other things should not be done to prevent injuries, specifically for knees.

  11. Very good question. When your raket foot land at the net your toes should be pointing to shuttlecock so your knee will be bending toward the shuttlecock. some players toe pointing inside and therefore knee is bending other direction. This is not good for the knee as well as angkle. Lee

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