Badminton: Forehand Net Kill

Badminton: Forehand Net Kill

Forehand Net kill Standard right way Wrong way big swing right way

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  1. How to improve your wrist power at home

  2. The power used in this clip is more from fingers not from wrist. Try to improve your finger power then you can make flash and very compact hitting action. You can use racket head cover, heavy racket and so on. Lee

  3. Please watch clips on "Follow Lee" Lee

  4. Dear Lee,

    In this demonstration the tap is always a cross one and angled rather than straight down.

    I also see the grip to be nearly neutral rather than forehand grip.

    Can you explain why?

  5. You have a good eyes. It was simply I do not want hit the person who is feeding me the shuttlecock. In my view straight kill is better then cross. As I am hitting cross I did not need to change grip much. Good point. Lee

  6. Please view the net kill related clips and let me know if you have any questions. Lee

  7. Dear Lee,

    I am not getting any power in my forehand net kill. I am avoiding big swing, changing the grip to pan handle. But it was always a very gentle push in the end and my opponents are able to return very conveniently. My back hand net kill is slightly better. How do I know my faults? Earlier in my life, I was a predominantly a back hand player. Could that be a reason. Now, How do I correct it? Thank you in advance.

  8. Hi, I think two elements may cause the problem.
    1. You may grip too lose before the impact and try to grip hartd at the impact (you should grip harder (power about 4 out of 10 and then hit, I think you may grip power 0-1 out of 10 and then grip while you are hitting) this make shot push and losing control.
    2. Your wrist may not verticly set before the hit

  9. 3. You may hit without moving your racket backward (from seting you may move your racket forward, this will give no power) before you move your racket forward you should move backward first.

    Try again and I am sure you will be able to sort it out. Lee

  10. " hold , hit" thanks for the lesson Master

  11. Coach..I am still a little confused about the intensities of the grip before the ‘swing’ and ‘at impact’. Are they the same (40% for both, 90% for both)? OR less at start of swing (eg 40%) then 90% at impact?

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