Badminton Forehand Overhead Shot (Question 20)

Badminton Forehand Overhead Shot (Question 20)

Question 20 True or False? Forehand overhead shots from the rear court should always be made using forearm rotation. ok Question 20 the answer is false because some shots can be used forearm rotation theory but thats only for 30-40% of 100 the other 60-70% of overhead shot can be hit completely different way I will show you if shuttles goes high yes that can be done but what happens if shuttle go very flat fast do you have time to do that no watch this if shuttle cock goes high then you can do it but what happens, shuttle is going fast here same do you have time to do that no, simply not possible no time then the grip has to be changed shuttle go fast change grip kind of pan handle grip and bang this is the only way to hit it because I dont have time to make the swing watch again same flat I can’t because I don’t have time same flat watch this flat this is not forearm rotation hit this is change grip, is more finger, is more push compact power

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  1. This is helpful ! Thank you coach Lee.

  2. Can I ask what rackets do you use?

  3. I am using Yehlex "YX LJB" you can view it at

  4. You are very welcome. Lee

  5. I do not think so. Lee

  6. i'm really impressed with each video of you,keep up the good work 😀

  7. Thnak you for your support. Lee

  8. Thank You very much

  9. coach lee thanks for your wisdom

  10. i want see you show how to do true footwork

  11. Mr. Lee,
    I've always used that grip you showed us but I get bruises on my wrist from it. Is there anyway to avoid this?
    Thanks again!

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