Badminton: Forehand Punch Clear

Badminton: Forehand Punch Clear

Punch clear when you are under pressure right way longer

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  1. In International tournament man single games, some players used the punch clear to return the fast attack clear when they were under pressure and not in position. I am thinking If I want more space and time I would hit high clear, if I want to speed up and give my opponent more pressure which I meant less time to return the shuttle I would hit attack clear, if I were under pressure and not in positions I would hit punch clear. Can I have your comments and corrections? Thanks coach Lee.

  2. Hi. Based on your comment, you are playing good level. I would totally agree with your choice of shots under the situation you described. Lee

  3. It is much more finger power and less wrist. Impact point is important. It can be done as you see. Lee

  4. Yes I tottaly agree with you. I assume that you do punch clear when you are under pressure because of you have no space or time to do full hitting action. When you do it you have to make sure your punch clear should not be too flat as then you would not have time to get back to his next attack. Lee

  5. i think ur wrist power can break my bones @@

  6. You can have same power if you train. Thank you. Lee

  7. Hello Coach Lee, while I understand the backhand clear is a tap, is the forehand clear also a tap or is it a follow through? Is the smash a tap or follow through or both?

  8. Depending on the situation even forehand clear can be using full wrist, follow through or tap. Let say you are very much under pressure by your opponent attack clear then you do not have time and space to do wrist clear or follow through clear then you can do tap clear. It is same with smash if speed is more important then you should do check smash but is power is more important then full smash. It is depending on the situation the type of shot can be different. Lee

  9. thank you very much. Your videos are excellent.

  10. You are very welcome. Lee

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